The Only Good Bug… Take Two!

Just a quick post for anyone making it to Gamex 2019 (Los Angeles, May 24-27) in a few weeks, I’ll be GMing the “Starship Troopers” game I was going to run at Orccon 2019 on Friday 2pm-6pm, Saturday 2pm-6pm, and Sunday 9am-1pm. Hope you can make it!

Pre-register here (starting this Saturday, May 4th, at noon PST). As of writing I don’t see them on the site yet, but I submitted them last Sunday so they should be popping up any time!

The Only Good Bug…

As Mobile Infantry, your power armor bristles with high-tech ordnance, composite armor, strength enhancement, and more. It is the pinnacle of the Terran Federation’s military might, transforming you and your fellow troopers into humanity’s greatest defense against the Bugs.

Will it be enough?

* Absolutely no GURPS experience required! Come and enjoy. *

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  1. Hi Mook,
    I created a data file with the battlesuit bonuses. The Ultra Tech data doesn’t do that. Have no idea why.
    After running a test game with my friends, I decided to not use battlesuits.

  2. Hiya Tom! Were the suits just too indestructible, even with ablative DR? I may need to tweak em down (or the Bugs up). I hope at least it wasnt a total trainwreck 😎

    • Hey Mook,
      Guess what? I changed my mind. One of my friends said the battlesuits. I think I will go with Commando Suit, and starship with hyperdrive like in Forbidden Planet (1956).
      The Battlesuits are back!

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