Gaming Online

November 27, 2020 Mook 2

Howdy, Folks! With all the worldwide disruptions going on, there are a lot of tabletop gamers finding themselves separated from their usual groups or otherwise unable to play face-to-face. Because of that there has been a big surge in gamers […]

Overview of 2019

December 31, 2019 Mook 0

Happy 2020 (nearly)! Like previous years (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015), I’m taking a look back at the year in Mook, Game Geekery, and GURPS/Steve Jackson Games as 2019 draws to a close. Game Geekery First, some numbers. These were the […]

D&D 5E – Checking In With An Old Friend

June 27, 2019 Mook 16

I’ve been getting back in touch with an old gaming friend, one I imagine most of you know: D&D. It’s our hobby’s alpha (with no omega in sight), the common Eve from which all tabletop RPGs descend. It was the […]