GURPS Monsters and Foes

Happy GURPSDay, GURPS fanatics! I hope your week since the last post has been filled with games and good times.

So… monsters and foes. Despite what I frequently hear both online and off, GURPS does have stats for a bajillion creatures to throw at your PCs (possibly a metric bajillion).

Because GURPS tries to avoid a “one size fits all” outlook, they are usually grouped into smaller, more focused books instead of a giant tome that tries to be all things to all GMs… but they are definitely out there, both as official products and unofficial fan-created ones. Hopefully there’s at least one or two here you haven’t already seen!


These are certainly not all the official GURPS 4th books with critters, but they seem to have the most. Remember that all of these pages will also have a link to the free preview PDF, which includes the full Table of Contents and Index.

  • Banestorm: Racial templates for many “classic fantasy” creatures (Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, etc.)
  • Creatures of the Night: Short PDFs, each with stat blocks for a handful or exotic creatures.
  • Dragons: Dragons!
  • Dungeon Fantasy: Many of the books in the DF series have stats or racial templates for fantasy creatures, and it even has its own sub-line of Monster books.
  • Horror: A fantastic book in its own right, Horror also has templates for many great monsters (Demons, Ghosts, Mummies, Vampires, etc.)
  • Lands Out of Time: Stat blocks for about 30 dinosaurs. Dinosaurs!
  • Magic: A few templates of monsters tied to magic (Elementals, Liches, Skeletons, etc.)
  • Monster Hunters 3: The Enemy: Hey, Monsters Hunters need monsters to, ya know… hunt (Albino Alligator, Chupacabra, Cultists, etc.)
  • Zombies: All zombies, all the time — everything you need to know about ’em.
  • List of Published Creatures: A fan-maintained list of published GURPS 4th creatures and where they can be found. Also available sorted by book.
  • Prime Directive: A “Powered by GURPS” product that provides racial templates for many of the alien races of the Prime Directive universe (Vulcans, Klingons, Andorians, etc.)


These sites are unofficial collections of creatures with fan-made GURPS 4th stats.

  • Animalia: Stats for real-world animals in GURPS 4th Edition, by Pizard.
  • Creature Catalog: Conversions of assorted D&D monsters, by Pythagoras.
  • GURPS Repository: Monsters: A list of fan-made or converted monsters, collected by J. Hubert.
  • GURPSLand: Contains 4th Edition conversions of both GURPS Aliens and GURPS Fantasy Folks from 3rd Edition, by Eric Smith.
  • It Came From the Forums: A collection of 160 monsters from the GURPS forums, collected by KMunoz.
  • The Natural Encyclopedia: More than 600 4th Edition creatures, mostly converted from the 3rd Edition bestiaries. Also by KMunoz.
  • Mailanka’s DF Homebrews: A system and collection of Dungeon Fantasy monsters, by Mailanka.
  • Triple Threat: More than 50 monsters with stat blocks not just for GURPS Basic Set, but also for Dungeon Fantasy and Monster Hunters. By Christopher Rice.


Finally, no list of monsters and foes for GURPS 4th would be complete without a nod to Imion’s awesome (and up-to-date) list of all Character and Racial templates at the official GURPS forums. (You can also download a spreadsheet version here at GameGeekery).


Did I miss any of your favorite monster resources in the round-up? Let me know!

Precis – Resources for monsters, animals, and enemies for GURPS 4th.

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  1. Hey Mook! What about Klingons and Romulans from GURPS Prime Directive books? Other aliens are listed such as Orions and Klingon subject races.
    Also, there is WWII with it’s many nations.

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