Fantasy Party Quick-Start Characters

The latest issue of Pyramid magazine has another article on “pointless” character creation, this time for Monster Hunters, putting me in that frame of mind — so, I whipped up an archetypical fantasy party (at the “Heroic” level) using my own quick-start rules.

Even the magic used here is quick-start — super simple effects based on a straightforward Fatigue Point cost. I was actually picturing the kid from that Pyramid issue’s cover (it’s great!), hanging out with a few of her friends and looking for something to do, and how they could all jump into a game as quickly as possible.

These PCs aren’t fleshed-out characters with full back stories and exhaustive lists of skills… but that’s kind of the point. What they are is a fully-playable fantasy party that can immediately hit the ground running, all created in just over a half hour. If I weren’t making all four myself one at a time, if there were four players all creating concurrently, that time could maybe be halved.

So, enjoy, let me know what you think… and get out there and play some GURPS!

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