GURPS Quick-Start Character Sheet

I’ve created a very simple GURPS character sheet that I thought others might find useful — the front has the character sheet itself and a summary of the quick character creation rules from my recent “Seven-Minute GURPS Character” post; the back has a list of Maneuvers, Attack/Defense Options, and Hit Locations. On the Maneuvers table, the number in parentheses is how many hexes you can move that turn if you take that maneuver — I just assumed that for many quick characters, they’ll have a Move of 6. Should be a handy one-page for new GURPS players!

You can download the fillable PDF here: Download

And here are screenshots of the front and back:


I’d love to hear any feedback if you end up using this sheet for your group. Enjoy!



    • Cool, cool 🙂 Thanks — hope they’re useful! I just used them a couple nights ago for a quick one-shot; had the characters up and running in 20 minutes. This was a huge gain, since we only had a 3-hour slot to play.

  1. Mook, I stumbled across your GURPS Quick Start Character Sheet recently and shared it with my gaming group this past weekend. For some of them it was their first time ever playing GURPS and it really sped up character creation and greatly simplified what to do in combat. Awesome job!

  2. I am writing my doctoral dissertation on RPGs as a writing strategy. May I have your permission to use this template for my 5th grade class?

    • Apologies for the delayed reply, JC. I hope you went ahead and used it anyway, that’s why I posted! I’d love to hear how it turns out.

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