Equipping Your GURPS Character

October 29, 2015 Mook 3

Mmm, Thursday — breathe in the GURPSy goodness! Today’s original “New to GURPS” topic was on recovering from injury and wounds, but I’m bumping that until next time so we can take a look at something I’ve received a few questions […]

Intermediate Ranged Combat

October 22, 2015 Mook 8

Happy Thursday, GURPalonians! Welcome back to “New to GURPS.” This week, we take another peek at Ranged Combat, the art of making things dead from afar (here are the first two, from the “basic” series). Last week’s post ended with the […]

Star Wars in my Bones

October 20, 2015 Mook 1

Is it a bit silly to get misty-eyed over a 2.5 minute movie trailer? Maybe. Do I give even a single, tiny whit? Not even remotely. It’s only the barest of overstatements to say that “Star Wars” was my religion. […]

Intermediate Melee Combat

October 15, 2015 Mook 13

Happy GURPS-Day to all, and welcome to another post in the “New to GURPS” series! We’ve seen melee combat a couple of times before, but today I’d like to add a few things into the mix that really add a […]

Patreon – The Virtual Tip Jar

October 8, 2015 Mook 0

You may have noticed a new icon on the right of your screen, next to the old stand-bys of RSS, Twitter, and Facebook. It is for a creator support site named Patreon, which I recently established TheMook.Net on. Patreon is […]

Intermediate Skills and Contests

October 8, 2015 Mook 0

Another Thursday, another peek into the wonderful world of GURPS! Today we’re looking back at skills. The sections to read for everything about skills are pp. 167-173 in Characters and pp. 343-361 in Campaigns. The “Task Difficulty” section on pp. 345-346 is particularly delicious. […]

Your First Spells

September 30, 2015 Mook 2

Happy Thursday, the day when GURPS goodness descends upon us from all over the web! Because the basic posts of the “New to GURPS” series were limited to things found in GURPS Lite, we haven’t yet talked about spells, something […]

Fate Aspects as GURPS Advantages

September 27, 2015 Mook 3

I’ve been tinkering around with how I run GURPS lately, even more than usual, and here’s my first quick thought: using Fate Aspects as GURPS Advantages. I like the concept of Aspects, of having these descriptive tags for your character […]

Intermediate Character – Kerna Dallon

September 24, 2015 Mook 2

Happy GURPS Day! Now that we have completed the basic posts in the “New to GURPS” series, we’re moving on to the intermediate series and leaving GURPS Lite behind. In its place, we’re cracking open the full GURPS Basic Set, “Characters” […]

Fantasy Party Quick-Start Characters

September 19, 2015 Mook 0

The latest issue of Pyramid magazine has another article on “pointless” character creation, this time for Monster Hunters, putting me in that frame of mind — so, I whipped up an archetypical fantasy party (at the “Heroic” level) using my […]

Your First Scene

September 17, 2015 Mook 7

Welcome, GURPSers, to the final basic post of the “New to GURPS” series! The series will continue in the weeks ahead, but we’ll be expanding past GURPS Lite and out into the actual GURPS Basic Set, Characters and Campaigns. Today, Rex‘s […]

Creating The Warriors – Part 2

September 12, 2015 Mook 0

Part 1 of this post looked at nailing down the adventure idea, expanding it a bit, coming up with some pre-gen characters, and starting to flesh out the details, which is the step continuing here. Remember, if you’re just looking for the […]

Creating The Warriors – Part 1

September 10, 2015 Mook 1

Thursday is GURPS Day! And we will definitely be getting our GURPS on, but I’ve had to change up the schedule a bit. I attended the ever-wondrous Gateway 2015 convention this past weekend, and had planned to post a recap of […]

Your First Recovery

September 3, 2015 Mook 7

Thursday is GURPS Day, and once again we will be heaping abuse upon our basic example character, Rex, in pursuit of creamy good GURPS knowledge. Now that we’ve touched on how combat works a bit, today we’ll see how a […]

More Powerful Quick-Start Characters

August 29, 2015 Mook 6

I was tinkering with the GURPS Quick-Start Character Creation system I posted a while back, and added a few tweaks for more powerful characters. As mentioned in the original article, the system can easily be modified by changing the underlying […]

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