The Bunnies’ Tale (Bunnies & Burrows)

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A happy GURPSDay to all!

The second Quick-Play Adventure has finally arrived, letting you and your group spend an evening as rabbits trying desperately to find their way home. Welcome to…

The Bunnies’ Tale

“Life has been good in the warren for what seems forever, with little sickness, few predators, and plentiful food. Scores of rabbit bucks and does thrive here, almost too many to remember, and healthy litters are plentiful.

Yesterday morning, as the sun began to rise and the air to warm, you crept into your sleeping hole as you had a hundred times before, belly full and eyes heavy. Even a thunderous mid-day storm didn’t rouse you beyond opening a single eye.

But then came the flood, a violent deluge that set upon the warren, raging through every tunnel, every chamber. You remember being swept away, thrashing, gasping for air… and then only blackness.

When you open your eyes, it is nighttime. You are cold and bruised, and find yourself in a completely unfamiliar clearing, part of a small group of rabbits: Brighteyes, a wise Hoplite diplomat, and his mighty Sentinel bodyguard, Deeproot; the Hoplite healer and herbalist, Sage; and the two best friends: Lightning, a Hoplite scout, and Ripper, a Sentinel skirmisher.

            Could the warren have survived?

            Can you find your way back to it?

            Will you all survive such a dangerous journey?”


Writing this one may even have been more fun than “Race for The Dutchman“! I hope you’ll download and enjoy romping through the meadow in search of your home. As always, I’d love to hear what you think of it, any errors you might have caught or suggestions to make, and especially if you run it with your group I’d love to know what worked and what didn’t.


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The Warren Meadow

  • 3/9/2016: First public release, ver. 0.9
  • 4/3/2016: Replaced the map, highlighted player sheet headings, ver. 0.91

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