The Bunnies’ Tale (sneak peek)

Happy GURPSDay, GURPSararians!

I’m hard at work on the second in the Quick-Play Adventures series (the first being Race for The Dutchman). It’s not quite ready for release, but you can get a peek at the characters this week. What do you think so far?

The Bunnies’ Tale

Life has been good in the warren for many seasons, with little sickness, few predators, and plentiful food year-round. Scores of rabbit bucks and does thrive here, almost too many to remember, and healthy litters are plentiful.

Yesterday morning, as the sun began to rise and the air to warm, you crept into your sleeping hole as you had a hundred times before, belly full and eyes heavy. Even a thunderous mid-day storm didn’t rouse you beyond opening a single eye.

But then came the flood, a violent deluge that set upon the warren, raging through every tunnel, every chamber. You remember being swept away, thrashing, gasping for air… and then only blackness.

When you open your eyes, it is nighttime. You are cold and bruised, and find yourself in a completely unfamiliar clearing, part of a small group of rabbits: Brighteyes, a wise hoplite diplomat, and his mighty sentinel bodyguard, Deeproot; the hoplite healer and herbalist, Sage; and two fast friends: Lightning, a hoplite scout, and Ripper, a sentinel skirmisher.

            Could the warren have survived?

            Can you find your way back to it?

            Will you all survive such a dangerous journey?

The PCs are similar to those from another bunnies game I ran at Gateway 2014 convention called “Some Bunny Needs You,” with a few tweaks (for example, the advantages and disadvantages are still pretty light). I’ll have character sheets by next week, but here’s the overview:


I’d love to have the whole adventure ready to post tomorrow, or at least by next week. Have any thoughts on what’s done so far?

This is hopefully the second of many more to come.


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The Warren Meadow

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