[Audio] Answering Reader Questions 01

August 25, 2016 Mook 12

Happy GURPSDay all! Welcome to the first ever Game Geekery podcast, where you can voluntarily subject yourself to what I call my “great voice for silent films” as I answer a few reader questions about GURPS. If you’ve ever thought to […]

More Thoughts on Hell on Wheels

August 18, 2016 Mook 1

Happy (on time!) GURPSDay, folks. I hope you’re out there readin’ your little tails off. Though I haven’t actually put pen to paper yet, I spent this week bandying about ideas for my next convention game, “Hell on Wheels” (mentioned […]

Hell on Wheels (for Gateway 2016)

August 12, 2016 Mook 7

Happy post-GURPSDay day! You may have noticed I missed the Thursday deadline this week. Sorry about that! Occupational hazard from working overnights… I fell asleep, plain and simple, just passed out in front of the computer and didn’t wake up until it […]

PCs as Ship Crew, Part 2

August 4, 2016 Mook 4

And a wonderful GURPSDay to you all! Thanks for including Game Geekery in your RPG reading circuit. Today is a follow up to the popular “PCs as Ship Crew” post from a few weeks back, which generated quite a bit of […]

GM Convention Tips, The Sequel

July 28, 2016 Mook 2

A most lovely GURPSDay to all! Time once again to enjoy the bounty of GURPS goodness that Thursdays bring. One of the generous and so-appreciated Game Geekery Patrons recently asked me about tips for running an in-store GURPS demo, which is a […]

Real Life Failed HT Roll

July 21, 2016 Mook 0

Howdy Folks! I apparently failed a HT roll sometime in the past few days and have been bodily invaded by a sinister malady. I can’t quite tell yet if it’s Bubonic Plague or Ebola, but it’s miserable. Anyway, I do have […]

PCs as Ship Crew

July 14, 2016 Mook 9

Whee! Happy GURPSDay! So, I’ve been thinking… “A small ship’s crew living and working together from job to job” is pretty close to perfection as far as setups for an RPG go. I mean, it’s got everything, whether it’s in space or […]

The Bunny Story

July 7, 2016 Mook 3

Happy GURPSDay everyone! It has been a crazy holiday week, and I’m under a pile of to-dos, so I would like to share with you, apropos of nothing, one of my favorite gaming anecdotes… the Bunny Story. I think most gamers, at […]

GURPS: The Synthesizer of RPGs

June 30, 2016 Mook 0

Happy GURPSDay to all, and to all a happy GURPSDay! Today, I’m continuing to muse a bit on just why it is that I enjoy GURPS so much, to the point that it is the only game I’ve GMed in decades, and […]

“How to Be a GURPS GM” Update

June 22, 2016 Mook 7

Welcome to the weekly GURPSDay content-a-palooza, GURPSaphiles! Enjoy the mountain of goodness that this week, and every week, brings. My contribution at Game Geekery this time around is a quick look at the products released for GURPS 4th Edition in the […]

Scattershot – June 2016

June 15, 2016 Mook 2

Happy GURPSDay, everyone! It’s the best day of the week that doesn’t include sleeping for 12+ hours and no work, so get out there and read some GURPS! Today’s post is a scattershot, a sort of smorgasbord of topics all worth […]

Gina Marie’s Gun Emporium

June 8, 2016 Mook 5

The GURPSDay treasures continue to fall, week after week after week, and I hope you are availing yourselves of all the wonderful GURPS goodness out there! Today at Game Geekery is the first in a new series called “Tidbits,” a write-up of […]

“Beware the Boogeyman,” Post-Con Wrap Up

June 1, 2016 Mook 7

Another GURPSDay, folks, another ocean of super-delicious GURPS material to swim in! I hope you had a fun and relaxing long weekend (if you had one). Myself, I was enjoying the people and games (and sleep… lots and lots of glorious sleep) […]

Off to Gamex 2016

May 26, 2016 Mook 2

Good tidings of GURPSDay, folks. I hope you’ve got some gaming goodness lined up for the weekend! Just a few odds and ends today, as I’m gearing up to head out to the super fun Gamex 2016 in the morning. First […]

GURPS Calculator

May 19, 2016 Mook 1

And a happy GURPSDay to you and yours! I have a convention coming up next weekend that I’m still furiously prepping for, but I wanted to make a quick post to heap much-deserved praises on the GURPS Calculator web app. It really […]

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