GURPS Skills: How Do I…

And a hap-hap-happy GURPSDay to all! We’ve somehow clawed our way through another week and our reward, the pot of gold beneath the rainbow, is another bounty of GURPS offerings from the wide and varied blogosphere. Indulge!

Today, I’m talking about skills. Namely, “Which skill do I use to do X?” I’ve been working on a handout for my new players to help them find and know which skills to use for the most common adventuring tasks, in the format of, “I want to… [BLANK] someone/something.” (As in, “I want to HEAL someone,” “I want to REPAIR something,” etc.).

The list is in no way an exhaustive guide, but covers many of the most frequent questions new GURPS players seem to have. What do you think, did I miss anything obvious?

GURPS Skills Guide | Downloads: 5,532 | Size: 99.5 KB


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  1. Hi, Mook! This is a handy list and it’ll come in handy for my players. I did notice that you have Electronics Repair (Security) listed but shouldn’t it be Electronics Operation (Security)?

    As always, I am enjoying your work.

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