This Week in GURPS (Nov. 3rd)

So many great things going on in GURPS this week!

Discord GURPS Chat

The unofficial GURPS Discord channel has already attracted an amazing community, and more find us every day. I keep it open on my second monitor as I putter around the computer, and throughout the day we talk about games, characters, monsters, rules questions, GURPS products, all kinds of things. During the day (I’m PDT) there are usually between 30-35 GURPS fans logged in and chatting!

A text-based game or two have sprung up as well, and just a few days ago user Pseudonym released our very own custom bot to make dice rolling easier (which handles skill/trait checks and contests in addition to simple dice rolls like 3d6).

Swing by and take a look!

GCA Import for the GURPS Calculator

The GURPS Calculator (gCalc) is an amazing tool for GURPS, and it just keeps improving all the time. It has had the ability to import and track characters from GCS for quite a while now, which is great… except all of my characters were made with GCA, not GCS.

I’m happy to say, this week gCalc added support for importing GCA characters as well, and it’s working great.

So, you can export read-only versions of your characters to your gCalc account, then use it in real-time to monitor HP/FP and make all your rolls (skills, attacks, defenses, whatever) with a single click right from within the program.

Like, I don’t know, a three-round burst from a Browning against a target with DR 4.


It handles all kinds of options (hit locations, DR, postures, etc.), and with every click of the mouse displays the dice roll, success or failure (along with margin), penetrating damage, etc.

Honestly, it’s like 10 pounds of Pure Awesome in a 5-pound bag. I recommend checking it out if you somehow haven’t already!

(Did I mention this is just one tool of many, with others for falling, explosives, and much more? And the next tool will be a Tracker for the GM to have an overview of multiple characters?)

Dungeon Fantasy

The GURPS Dungeon Fantasy juggernaut continues to roll on. This week saw the BackerKits go live, the rewards of the original Dungeon Fantasy PDFs get added to backers’ Warehouse 23 accounts, and a second release in the “Dungeon Fantasy Denizens” series, this one for Swashbucklers.

Breathe it in, people! There is GURPS in the air!


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