It’s A Bye Week

Howdy, folks, and happy GURPSDay!

With apologies, I’m afraid I wasn’t able to make time for much of a post this week. I’ve reached a point where many of the projects I’m working on take much longer than the free time I can eke out of a single week, but I console myself by thinking that if/when they ever do see light of day, they will be helpful and useful:

  • Second Podcast. I have 3-4 reader-submitted questions that I’d like to use, but haven’t had the time to record/edit it yet. Hopefully not much longer for this one!
  • Roll20. I continue tinkering around with Roll20 and look forward to eventually GMing my first online game. I am currently even more emboldened due to a quote from the SJG Forums last week: “We have had talks about digital venues for GURPS games, but nothing we can talk about publicly. Yet.” Fingers and toes crossed for this one! An official GURPS VTT (virtual table top) would make me very happy.
  • Locus. This is one of my home campaign settings, something I’ve been chipping away at for years. I have big plans for it, but big plans take big amounts of time to get done and posted. But I continue throwing it whatever spare time I can muster!

I’ve also been tinkering with the site quite a bit, which is a never-ending project of improvement.

So, enjoy the wealth of new GURPS material released today, and please check back here at Game Geekery next week for whatever bits and bytes I’m able to cobble together by then.

And roll some dice this weekend! 🙂


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