Scattershot – January 2018

Happy post-GURPSDay, all! I hope you’ve enjoyed some of this week’s tasty, bloggy goodness!

This is the first scattershot post of the year, kind of a post about other posts… projects I’m working on and things you’ll see in the coming months. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! If I’m the only one who would enjoy an in-depth essay on “GURPS: Fingernail Cleaning,” then that time would be better spent on other things.

The GURPS Primer

I do quite like the Grab and Go page here on Game Geekery and think it’s very useful for newcomers, but I want to expand it even wider. I’m working on a new page called the GURPS Primer, intended to be even more comprehensive and useful. It will be broken into sections like “I am curious about GURPS,” “I will soon be playing in my first GURPS game,” “I will soon be GMing my first GURPS game,” etc., with pages addressing those concerns specifically and providing links to further info. Similar to the current Grab and Go format, but with more explanation and a more conversational tone.

Those same questions get posted every few months on every RPG forum and website, so they seem worth answering in detail. I’ll post each section to Game Geekery as they get written until the whole page is finished and we have one more useful resource for gamers new to the GURPS fold.

Prep for An Upcoming Game

Then starting in March, hopefully, I will be GMing an ongoing, online game for some geographically dispersed friends. It will require quite a bit of prep and, naturally, I will be posting about its progress as I do for my one-shots. Videos of the Actual Play should also be available. I don’t think we’re using Fantasy Grounds or another VTT, but rather Google Hangouts and good old fashioned physical dice and character sheets, though at least a shared map would be helpful. Details to follow.

I offered up a few different game possibilities to the players and the unanimous decision was a Cyberpunk game currently named “The Zone.” I’ve mused over the setting here and there over the past year-ish, but to actually use it as the basis for a game I’ll need to start doing some actual (written down) world-building.

It is a mash-up of the Sprawl, Snow Crash, GURPS CyberworldReady Player One, things like that — a bleak dystopian future with a single, all-encompassing online network wherein users construct avatars of their own choosing to interact with others. The PCs (who are not created yet) will begin as a small criminal crew who survive by taking odd jobs of questionable legality before stumbling into an even wider and dangerous world.

I have not given up on my other home setting, Locus, but the virtual reality aspect of The Zone allows a lot of the same freedom of genre and setting while requiring (at least a little) less prep. Also, Cyberpunk is awesome, so there’s that.

Orccon 2018

While all that is going on, I’m also trying to come up with a fun game to GM for Orccon 2018 in mid-February. The deadline for game registration is in just about 10 days, so I need to get on the ball. The best idea might be to combine this with the above and run a Zone one-shot, that way I could use the world-building and background details for both games. Need to nail down a lot of details in the meantime!

Fantasy Grounds One-Shots

A bit further out, I’ve also not forgotten about GMing more one-shots with Fantasy Grounds. Perhaps after Orccon I’ll tweak that one-shot for Fantasy Grounds and check off three different projects all from the same world-building work. Trifecta!


Final Notes

There’s at least one more goal I have for 2018, but as of this week it is so far on the back burner I don’t even want to mention details!

Also, I’ve been thinking… while I try to post on Thursdays, the end of my work week is early Friday morning, so posting over the weekend fits my schedule much better. If you don’t see a post on Thursday exactly, it will be popping up over the weekend. Who knows, in some crazy universe I may actually overtake the GURPSDay automated pulling script, meaning any weekend posts wouldn’t be a day or two “late” but actually four or five days “early”!


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