Convention Games

My next convention games will be at Gateway 2019, at 2pm-6pm on Friday, and 9am-1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Hope you can make it!

A Race Through The Chaos

Want to play a robot? A raccoon? A wizard? A robotic raccoon wizard? We’ll use GURPS to create whatever* character you want before sending it and the others to the multidimensional, anything-goes city of Locus for some action and adventure.

No prior GURPS experience needed, this will be teach as we go.

* The goal is to make four PCs in about an hour, leaving the rest for play time!

I’m looking forward to including some GURPS character creation at the con, as that seems to be something a lot of people are interested in (judging from the number of times I get asked about it!) An hour might be a bit overly optimistic, but I’m hoping 90 minutes at the longest. These PCs won’t quite be Quick-Start characters — I’m assuming anyone who shows up is interested in learning the default GURPS system, not my spin on it — so we may need to negotiate the character concepts a bit to make sure there’s a decent chunk of time for actually playing the PCs too.

My prediction is it will either be totally awesome or an absolute train wreck. I’ll be sure to let you know which!

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