More Reaction to “How to Be a GURPS GM”

This will likely be the last “How to Be a GURPS GM” post for a bit, but there were a few more reader comments that I wanted to share!

“Any book that we can point to when someone expresses confusion or timid interest in GURPS raises its stock.”

“This book is exactly what I need to slap people in the face with to make them stop trying to get me to play [non-GURPS RPGs] in custom worlds because “They know the system.”

“I love How to Be a GURPS GM. It’s likely to help me make some changes to my game. And even more likely for me to offer it to people who want to run a game.”

“I have to recommend this book to anyone that is, or wants to be, a GURPS GM. I’ve GM’ed a number of systems. This book helped give ideas, told me where to find things GURPSian, and lots of great advice. Really – get this book.”

“What I like about it is that it’s well written, it’s explicit and it’s honest. It details a playstyle that seems to be implicit or “between-the-lines” in the core set. My old complaint was that GURPS to me was “half” a game — very detailed rules for the players to abide by, while the GM was left with some vague suggestions. Now, all my complaints over the years about GURPS have vanished in a fell swoop. This book clearly outlines a way to run it which fills in the missing “half”. It’s clear about the fact that the way it suggests the game to be run is just one way, one suggestion among many, but it does present one way, one playstyle, and that’s what I wanted.” (Notethis poster actually didn’t care for the play style of the hypothetical GM in the book, but the rest of what he wrote was so kind I wanted to include!)

Thank you all for giving it a chance, and for taking the time to let me know what you thought.


  1. Oh that wasn’t a guy that wrote that last comment, it was me! 2097 is a female name.
    Thank you for having a charitable reading of my comment and thank you for creating this book.

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