GURPS Roll20 Encounter – Fury Road

Happy GURPSDay, folks!

So, it looks like this weekend I’ll finally be dipping my virtual toe into some online GURPSin’ using Roll20. I’ve had an account for many years, fiddled around here and there with friends and tinkering alone, but it’s largely just been tweaking and theoretical proof of concept. This will be my first actual GMing with a group and full characters statted up. I expect there to be some rough spots and challenges, but hopefully it goes smoothly enough to inspire much more to come.

The game itself is just a short “this is a GURPS encounter” deal (scheduled for 90 minutes), requested by a gamer buddy who will be running his first GURPS game in a few weeks and wanting a little insight into how the system runs. He asked me to play out something along the lines of this scene from “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

This is what I put together on Roll20.






The four PCs are Furiosa, Max, Capable, and Nux aboard the war rig, against the Bullet Farmer, Rictus Erectus, and five war boys split between two smaller vehicles.

I believe we’re doing this Friday or Saturday night, and hopefully I’ll be able to upload the video shortly after that so everyone can see the train wreck. 🙂

I’ve read quite a bit about GMing online to prepare, but I’d love to hear any tips or tricks you all might have up your sleeves! Wish me luck.


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