[Podcast] Episode 02: FnordCon2 – GURPS Panel

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Steve Jackson Games’ virtual convention this weekend, FnordCon2, was very informative and entertaining, but all hope is not lost if you weren’t able to attend. Over the next few podcasts I’ll go over some of the GURPS and company-related news and quotes that caught my attention, starting with the GURPS Panel from Saturday night. Enjoy!

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Douglas Cole’s in-the-works Powered by GURPS game, “Secret Wars,” and fast character creation (Correction to audio: this will not be a boxed set!)

“I love that character generation of ‘make a couple choices and get playing.'” — Douglas Cole


GURPS slowly branching more into the tabletop arena.

“We’re also trying to kind of branch out in some ways to deal with the way the gaming market is now as opposed to how it was when GURPS was first created… and we’re certainly looking into more of a presence on virtual tabletop.” — Alain Dawson


Fans streaming more of their GURPS games

“We did, I think it was an 8-week series for ‘Fantasy Trip.’ We have never done one for GURPS. We would be very encouraging to a play group that wanted to do one for GURPS, but whether we would do one ourselves? I don’t think so, at least until we build a better video studio.” — Steve Jackson


Using GURPS for story-driven, narrative-focused games (and SJ and Kromm critical my heart hit location!)

“That’s not GURPS. That’s asking GURPS to do something that it doesn’t do. If somebody wants to play PbtA, they should do that. GURPS is a great big toolbox, and it doesn’t make sense to sit on a toolbox and then try to, I don’t know, drive nails with your fists. Better not to bother with the toolbox in that case.” — Steve Jackson

“There are limits to what you can do with a tool that was never intended for a job.” — Kromm


Fans creating GURPS discussion and rules videos.

“They’d be good subjects for YouTube videos. I don’t think it’s really what Steve Jackson Games should be doing with its time because I think that what you really need is a gamer talking to another gamer, not some game designer saying ‘Look how wonderful and easy my system is.'” — Kromm


Bunnies & Burrows!

“There are some settings that really push GURPS hard. Bunnies & Burrows might very well work better with a zero-crunch system.” — Steve Jackson


There will never be a GURPS OGL until the heat death of the universe.

“I’d probably have to die first. I’m not a big fan of what the OGL did for WotC/Hasbro, and I would resist one around here.” — Steve Jackson


Other Panels/AMAs to discuss:

Friday 7pm AMA: Steve Jackson
Friday 8pm PANEL: Online Tabletops

Saturday 8pm PANEL: GURPS (episode 02)
Saturday 9pm AMA: Kromm (episode 03)

Sunday 11am AMA: Phil Reed
Sunday 3pm AMA: What’s New at SJG
Sunday 5pm AMA: Steve Jackson II
Sunday 6pm Final Wrap Up


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  1. I fully agree with the comment on using GURPS for narrative focused games. Roll 3d6 works for most things.
    There is the added bonus that a game that has lulls in the narrative has space that can be filled with more crunch as required as the detail dials of gurps can be adjusted on the fly.

      • I’m the one who asked this question about lightweight gaming during the Q&A session. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this, Mook. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who sees the versatility in GURPS. I love having the detail available to pull out when it matters, but you can brush it aside when it doesn’t.

        I’ll admit to having been very surprised at Steve Jackson and Sean Punch’s answers. In retrospect, though, I wonder if some of it came out of having a lack of shared understanding as to what lightweight means. I certainly wouldn’t advocate trying to turn GURPS into PbtA, Fate, or anything else. We do, however, have a great example of the play style I’m intending in the form of The Film Reroll Podcast (https://www.filmreroll.com/), and games you’ve hosted online.

        I may be just another random stranger on the Internet, but thank you for everything you’ve done for the community. Your GURPS GMing book has been exceedingly valuable, and your blog posts are a treat. You are very much appreciated by we silent majority.

        • Thank you so much for the kind words, Kris Zaragoza! Nothing worse than feeling like the lone voice in the wilderness lol. I’m very glad you’ve found some of my GURPS stuff helpful for your games.

          I’m working on Kromm’s AMA right now, he had some interesting insights into his own GMing style which actually sounds very “lightweight” to me, I think you’ll like it.

          I hear about Film Reroll all the time, and always good things. Do you have a particularly favorite episode or two that might be good for getting into them? Or just start at the beginning and see how it goes? 🙂

          • I’m way behind in listening to their backlog, so you may want to just start from the beginning. That said, two particular movies they did have stood out to me so far:

            1. Wizard of Oz: This series of episodes shows how truly off the rails these stories can go! I won’t spoil it, but this certainly wasn’t the Oz you remember!

            2. John Wick: This is a story about a sole protagonist. That doesn’t make for a good RPG when there’s a whole party’s worth of people around the table. They solved this brilliantly by changing the point of view. The players took on the role of the bad guys from the movies, while the GM ran John Wick as more of a force of nature than an individual. It was pretty wild, especially the fight at the end.

            I really need to find the time to listen to more. They are fun.

  2. Very nice. Well paced; no longer than it needed to be. And you do have a good voice for podcasting!

    Do you plan to continue, and if so, to offer the podcast through the usual online services?

    • Thanks for the kind words, T Bone! I do plan at least a few more, but I admit I’ve no idea what the ‘usual online service’ would be. Time for The Google!

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