Exclusive Dungeon Fantasy RPG Spell!

September 30, 2016 Mook 1

Good morning, GURPSers, GURPSies, and gregarious GURPSaholics of all sorts, If you’ve yet to throw in on the totally awesome, must-have “Dungeon Fantasy RPG” Kickstarter, you still have five hours as of this writing to rectify that! I was delighted […]

Quiz: 30 Years of GURPS

September 28, 2016 Mook 10

Happy GURPSDay, folks! This year marks the 30th anniversary of our beloved GURPS, and to celebrate I’ve put together a little 30-question quiz to test your knowledge of all things GURPS. The first few questions cover before 4th Edition, the last […]

Scattershot – September 2016

September 22, 2016 Mook 2

And BAM, just like that GURPSDay is upon us, showering the world with gaming goodness! It’s been another fantastic week for GURPS. Driven by the success of the “Powered by GURPS” Dungeon Fantasy RPG, I’ve seen a definite increase in discussion and […]

“Hell on Wheels,” Post-Con Wrap Up

September 15, 2016 Mook 15

Happy GURPSDay everyone! It’s been another week of big news for the GURPS community as the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter continues roaring towards full funding (and now has a contest on their forums, if you’d like a chance at a free copy). […]

Two Important GMing Lessons

September 7, 2016 Mook 3

A fine and festive GURPSDay to all! I ran my “Hell on Wheels” GURPS biker/werewolf game at last weekend’s Gateway 2016 convention, and it went really well — I had an absolute blast GMing it every time, and all three groups said they had […]

Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter!

September 1, 2016 Mook 0

Happy GURPSDay folks! As is usual for the day before a convention, I am absolutely up to my eyebrows in game prep and frantically scrambling to get laundry done, hair cut, games prepped, bags packed, ATM plundered, and on and on and […]