Starting the New Year, Take Two


Okay, no one likes reading “woe is me” posts, so all I really want to say is…

I’m still here and I’m still pumped for GURPS-in’ the hell out of 2018!

Thank you for checking in. 🙂


For the curious, morbidly or otherwise, 2018 hasn’t had the greatest start. I was all set for my usual gaming convention in February — vacation time taken off of work, game prep begun, funds set aside — but it turned out a communication snafu with my group resulted in no hotel room being reserved. That took some wind out of my sails, but then it also started to slowly worm its way into my lizard brain and sparked a full-on existential crisis, leap-frogging from “Why do I game anyway?” to “Should I be doing this or that instead?” to, ultimately, “OMG my life is a shambles.”

Fun stuff, a Mook’s mind.

Anyway, I’ve basically been cocooning and self-medicating with video games and binge watching TV/movies, none of which is particularly helpful in getting blog posts created or GURPS games prepped. But it feels like the worst is over, so I’m trying to reconnect and get things back in gear, hence today’s post. I appreciate your patience and understanding while waiting on new material.

Speaking of, the start date for the ongoing game I mentioned previously has been tentatively set for Saturday, March 10th! Getting ready for that game and prepping the background should provide plenty of blog fodder, so I’m looking forward to rolling up the sleeves and getting back to “work.”

Enjoy GURPSDay! Gorge yourself on this week’s bounty of blog postings, and look for me back in the rolls very soon.


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  1. One of my friends decided against running GURPS this time around at DunDraCon 42, because he couldn’t get a room at the hotel. I am the only GURPS GM this time around.
    I am GMing two GURPS Prime Directive events.
    Maybe I can finally write in my blog. Which I put off doing.

    • No pressure, Tom… just know that you carry the hopes and dreams of GURPS to DunDraCon 42 alone. 😀

      GURPS PD is hella fun — Enjoy the games! (And the world can always benefit from more GURPS blogs.)

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