Using Lego Minifigs for RPGs

As a nice follow-up to my post a couple weeks ago about different tokens and miniatures for tabletop RPGs, I recently came across an excellent discussion at the GURPS forums about using Lego minifigs as gaming figures. I did actually have some first-hand experience doing this…but it was probably 10 years ago or more, using just a handful of minifigs from the Castle line with a few random swords and spears.

To really dive into Lego figs for my GURPS games, I felt like I would need characters and gear from pre-modern, modern, and futuristic time periods, as well as a range of genres, and I didn’t think Lego had that range.

I was very wrong.

Browsing through the websites below, you can easily find minifigure wizards, centaurs, space troopers, clowns, gladiators, soldiers, cowboys, knights, doctors, gangsters, zombies, cops, and dozens and dozens more. Or, you can mix and match heads, torsos, and legs to build exactly what you need.

Then, you can equip your figure with a truly staggering array of firearms, swords, N/V goggles, riot gear, knives, clubs, bows, shields, armor, hand grenades, helmets, backpacks, tools, handcuffs, lasers and, of course…grapes. Just because. For we lovers of all things GURPS, you can also find hex bases!

This isn’t necessarily the cheapest option for GMs looking to amass an army of customizable figures, but for just one or a few figures it certainly seems worth checking out (though, personally, I prefer to have all figures of the same “type,” whatever type that happens to be).

These are the main resources now in my Bookmarks folder. If you know of any others, I’d love to hear about them!

Brick Arms

Brick Link

Brick Warriors

Brickipedia (reference only)

GI Brick

Minifig World

Brick Arsenal

Brick Forge


I don’t think a discussion of Lego and tabletop gaming would be complete without at least mentioning Brick Quest,”Fantasy boardgaming in an ABS universe,” and BrikWars. Enjoy!

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