Locus: Table of Contents
January 7, 2016 GURPS

Happy Thurpsday, GURPSophiles and geeks of all flavors, and welcome to 2016! I hope you had a lovely end to the old year and kick-off to the new. After a few weeks of unplugging and recharging (video games and movies — and I saw “The Force Awakens”!), I’m back and looking forward to a whole slew of fun new posts.

The first post of 2016 is the table of contents for the “Locus: Center of the Infiniverse” setting I’ve been gestating a good long while. I think this covers all of the important points to hit, but if you notice anything missing that you’d like to know about, please let me know in the comments below (or elsewhere).

The plan is to post and link sections as I write them up, ultimately turning the city of Locus from a theoretical exercise in multi-dimensional world building into a concrete game setting that GURPS groups can use to tell some epic and crazy tales of adventure. Once all the sections have been posted and it has gone from “This is what a setting like this could look like” to “This is what Locus looks like,” I’ll collect them all together into a single PDF and post for download.

Here’s what I’ll be covering about Locus in the months to come.

Locus, Center of the Infiniverse

Nature of the City

  • What is a Zone?
  • Traveling Across Zones
  • What Does That Look Like?
  • Types of Zones (Permanent, Regular, Irregular, Zone Quakes)

Life in Locus

  • Government
  • Laws
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Gear and Weapons
  • Daily Life

Magic, Powers, and Technology


  • Zone Stats (Name, Summary, Major Civilizations, Great Powers, Type, Class, TL, Mana Level; based on Infinite Worlds, p. 108)
  • Notable Zones and Places


  • Megacorps
  • Religions

History of the City

  • Creation
  • Notable Periods

Gaming in Locus

Character Creation

GMing in Locus

Adventure Seeds

Campaigns in Locus


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