Darknet 00: Character Creation

Happy GURPSDay, folks!

Last weekend we had the “session zero” of our new GURPS Cyberpunk game, “Darknet,” and the video is now up at the Happy Jacks channel on YouTube or Twitch.

We went over a bit of GURPS mechanics, but the primary goal was to figure out who these PCs are going to be, concept-wise, and how they fit together in the world of L.A. in 2053. I imagine more mechanics will creep in once the game actually begins (and the characters are more codified).

The concepts remain very similar to the originals. I’ll post more details as they come in to me (and I start translating them into GURPS-ese), for now we are:

  • Alfonse Camus (Bill): A paraplegic who uses his earnings as a hacker to pay for the substantial medical expenses of his condition. Avatar is a cloaked, blade-wielding swashbuckler specializing in infiltration.
  • Annette Thornhill (Elspeth): The teen daughter of a powerful politician who uses her skills in The Zone to rebel against her father by (anonymously) committing brazen illegal acts. Avatar is frequently-changing, trendsetting, and expensive.
  • Bartholomew Iverson (Tyler): Works as a Human Resources megacorp drone, escaping to The Zone whenever possible. Avatar is Dr. Discord, appearance TBD.
  • “Teacher”/TBD (Kimi): Employed by a megacorp as an elementary school teacher for one of its arcologies. Avatar is a massive, disembodied suit of armor.

As you can see, not a lot of mechanics have come up yet, though we did hammer out a few details of the world and how the virtual Zone avatars interact with it. I hope to get some bare-bones PCs sent to the players soon — we’ll tweak them a bit for point costs and such, then I’ll start prepping in earnest for the next game, currently scheduled for April 7th at 12:30 PM Pacific Time.

I’d love any feedback at all on the first video. GMing online isn’t my primary strength, GMing on-camera even less so, so I’d like to improve what I can. Hope you enjoy following this game as it unfolds!


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  1. Will your sessions be up on the happy jacks podcast or only on youtube/twitch? The character creation episodes have not showed up in my list of episodes on acast. Looking forward to episode one nonetheless!

    • Hiya, Muggi!

      Unfortunately, while the quality of these episodes is certainly “good enough” to listen to, it’s not up to the quality of all the other Happy Jacks podcasts and actual plays — those are recorded directly in the HJ studio, but ours is not (due to the geographic separation of the players).

      So, while we’ll never get a mention on the Shows page, there is a YouTube playlist here that will collect the episodes as they come out:

      I should also have a post up here this week talking a bit about Episode 01 (now available at the above link).

      Hope you enjoy!

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