Creating “In Defense of House Stark” – Part 1

August 16, 2017 Mook 1

Happy GURPSDay┬áto the GURPSers, far and wide! Enjoy today’s bounty of blogged goodness all across the ‘net. The last Strategicon┬áconvention of the year is coming up in a couple of weeks, so you know what that means — time for […]

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Skills Spreadsheet

August 2, 2017 Mook 5

Happy GURPSDay, folks! Enjoy the mountain of GURPS blogs out there. Today’s Game Geekery post is brief, but — I think —┬áextremely useful: a spreadsheet version of the Advantages, Disadvantages, and Skills list from pp. 297-304 of┬áCharacters. | Downloads:┬á |┬áSize:┬á […]