GURPS: The Synthesizer of RPGs

June 30, 2016 Mook 0

Happy GURPSDay¬†to all, and to all a happy GURPSDay! Today, I’m continuing to muse a bit on just why it is that I enjoy GURPS so much, to the point that it is the only game I’ve GMed in decades,¬†and […]

“How to Be a GURPS GM” Update

June 22, 2016 Mook 7

Welcome to the weekly GURPSDay¬†content-a-palooza, GURPSaphiles! Enjoy the mountain of goodness that this week, and every week, brings. My contribution at Game Geekery this time around is a quick look at the products released for GURPS 4th Edition in the […]

Scattershot – June 2016

June 15, 2016 Mook 2

Happy GURPSDay,¬†everyone! It’s the best day of the week that doesn’t include sleeping for 12+ hours and no work, so get out there and read some GURPS! Today’s post is a scattershot, a sort of smorgasbord of topics all worth […]

Gina Marie’s Gun Emporium

June 8, 2016 Mook 5

The GURPSDay¬†treasures continue to fall, week after week after week, and I hope you are¬†availing yourselves of all the wonderful GURPS goodness out there! Today at Game Geekery is the first in a new series called “Tidbits,” a write-up of […]

“Beware the Boogeyman,” Post-Con Wrap Up

June 1, 2016 Mook 7

Another GURPSDay, folks,¬†another ocean¬†of super-delicious GURPS material to swim in! I hope you had a fun and relaxing long weekend (if you had one). Myself, I was enjoying the people and games (and sleep… lots and lots of glorious sleep) […]