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Week Seven

October 2nd, 1997
Avg. Rating: 3.8

Earthcarn, Aproth 15th, Year of the Shield

After the pirate battle, the party found themselves on a large piece of the Lucky Lady, still slowly sinking into the sea. In addition to Erik, Juliet, Kelly, Talyth, and Einor there were four captured pirates, all bound together, and three surviving crewmen. As everyone weighed their options, Talyth pulled out a small brass piccolo and began playing; though he was clearly blowing into the instrument, no sound could be heard.

A little more than an hour passed. The sailors were growing anxious, and the Lucky Lady had sunk even lower in the water. Suddenly the four pirate prisoners were yanked into the water, never to surface again. The party was under attack by a band of aquatic monsters (sahuagin).

Everyone fought valiantly, and they killed many creatures, but in the end they were just being outnumbered. As things began to look bleakest, however, a band of aquatic elves came to the party's rescue and slew the remaining sahuagin. Juliet sustained a serious injury to her hand, Einor had been injured, and all the pirates and sailors were killed, but at the end of the battle the party was victorious.

Three of the aquatic elves came forward, out of the water, and addressed Talyth in a language unknown to anyone in the party. Talyth responded, then the sea elves said a few more words, and finally Talyth held out his right hand, the one with the simple silver ring on its middle finger. The sea elves knelt before him and kissed the ring in an obvious show of respect.

The sea elves explained that it was not safe to remain where they were, in case a second sahuagin patrol came looking for the first. The sea elves of this area had recently been drawn into a war by the sahuagin, and were now fighting for their very survival. This had begun at roughly the same time as "The Storm"...apparently Waterdeep was not the only place having difficulties.

One of the sea elves gave each of the party members some thick, green seaweed to chew on. It was rather distasteful, and thick, but much to their amazement it allowed them to breathe underwater! With the assistance of an allied school of dolphin, the journey to the sea elf city began.

The group swam deep under the surface, towing Olaf's firewine shipment (recovered from one of the destroyed pirate ships) behind. Finally, after travelling for two hours, the party arrived at Laellyn, the sea elf city. Dozens of elves swam out to greet them, men, women, and children. The captain of the patrol which responded to Talyth's call for assistance, a warrior named Balrishuya, escorted them to the residence of Laellyn's governor, an elf named Shrillnith. He too showed Talyth great respect, even going so far as insisting that Talyth wear his symbol of leadership, a gold chain with a conch pendant, while in the city. Balrishuya later confided to the party that Talyth was the first cousin of the Elf Queen Amlaruil, and was highly regarded amongst the Elven people. Shrillnith announced a feast for that evening, in honor of Talyth and his companions.

After being shown their temporary quarters and allowed to rest, the party was escorted to the feast. Talyth sat at the head of a long table, bearing dozens of different kinds of food. Elf servants swam about the chamber, scooping up whatever debris the festivities left behind, and the meal was followed by musicians and storytelling. The festivities continued on for many hours, until one by one the partygoers made their way home (Einor was still recuperating from wounds sustained in the fight against the sahuagin; Juliet's wounds had already been successfully treated by the sea elf healers).

As the episode ended, Shrillnith assured Talyth and his friends that their ship would be repaired as soon as possible (probably about a week); there was nothing more to do but wait, under the sea.

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