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Week Two

April 17th, 1997
Avg. Rating: 3.9

Starcarn, Marktel 11th (Ahgheiron's Day in Waterdeep), Year of the Shield

The party passed through the Street of Silks, but all of the textile merchants were closed in honor of Ahghairon's Day. Juliet, however, was able to buy a child's wooden toy for 1sp, so the trip was not a total waste.

The next stop was the New Olamn University, located in the Cliffride. The party was able to locate a number of items here, both in Tynian's room and in the dormitory proper: a broom, a small basket (to be used later for collecting dung), a quill and ink, a copper nib (quickly bent), and some goose down from Tynian's pillow.

With perhaps two hours left before Olaf rang the bell ending the contest, the group quickly gathered the remaining items: a mug full of sand from the Gull Leap (difficult to climb, especially with everyone tied together at the wrists), a meat pie from a wandering street vendor, a basket full of dung (acquired at the expense of having a 'dung fight' with some of the slower farmers from outside the walls), a broken sword hilt (courtesy of Filiare, owner of the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, an acquaintance of Kelly's), an escort's key and a red cushion (both from Raven, an escort at the Jade Dancer festhall, who received an unusually large diamond chip from Shreesha), and 3 earthworms (carefully found and retrieved from various places along the way).

The sun had very nearly set by this point, and many people were admiring long as even the oldest Waterdhavians can remember, the sunsets of Ahghairon's Day have been without compare, and today was no different. The sky was streaked with vivid purples and oranges, all set against a backdrop of the deepest red. But there was more...all eyes turned skyward when a huge sigil, the sigil of Ahghairon himself, became emblazoned over the city, seemingly made of brightly burning flame. Slowly the spectacle winked out of existence, leaving behind appreciative crowds and stunned citizens.

The party now had just a few minutes to return to the Stone Hearth, laden down with 14 of the 15 items on the list and very close to victory. But then, as they quickly turned a corner, they couldn't believe their luck- there was Lord Piergeiron, and Blackstaff, and a small force of Guardsmen, all standing on the back of a flat wagon, watching a nearby troupe of jugglers perform with flaming clubs. As they watched, two of the juggler's clubs collided in the air, sending a flurry of sparks and embers cascading over the crowd. Apparently one of those embers found its way into Piergeiron's right glove, who hurriedly slipped it off and threw it towards a public well...if the party wanted that glove they would have to move quickly!

In spite of being tired from hours of searching the city, of being bound together at the wrists, of being slowed down by Shreesha's losing her balance and falling, the party managed the impossible...they covered the distance to the well, allowing Kelly to leap up and grab the glove seconds before it disappeared down the well. Not only had they found all the items on the list, they had actually done what no one had ever been able to do before...they had retrieved Lord Piergeiron's glove!

There was no time to celebrate, however...there were just minutes to get back to the Stone Hearth before time ran out. But it was no use. There was just no way to make it back in time. Then they heard the sound of racing hoofbeats, and before they could say anything they had been lifted up onto Piergeiron's wagon by his bodyguards and rushed back to the tavern. Olaf, though he could hardly believe his eyes, saw them just before he was about to ring the bell...they made it! They had won!

Piergeiron silently left them off and rode away with his entourage, leaving behind a chorus of cheering and applauding. The crowd patted their backs, shouted their praises, and everyone jammed into the Hearth to continue celebrating. Spirits were poured, the prize money was given, and an evening of tale telling and mirth ensued (an Elfin bard even sang a happy little tune about the scavenger hunt and its winners). For many hours the revelry went on, until, one by one, the well wishers and the PCs drifted off to their own beds, memories of the grandest hunt of them all waiting to be replayed in their dreams.

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