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Week Six

June 5th, 1997
Avg. Rating: 3.8

Watercarn, Aproth 13th, Year of the Shield

Erik, Juliet, Talyth, and their unconscious "prisoner" returned to the Hearth late in the evening. Shreesha and Olaf were both there, Shreesha alone in front of a roaring fire in the hearth, Olaf behind the bar absent-mindedly wiping out mugs. Shreesha's face was badly burned across one side; the skin there was puffy and swollen, her left eye filmy. She didn't volunteer what had happened to her.

Olaf, though very surprised that the party "found this guy on the street", was quite eager to talk to him. As for the man, he was equally eager to answer any and all questions, so long as he could walk out of the Hearth at the end of the night.

The man (named Werton) explained that, a few days after the Storm, he heard talk that Filiare from the Dripping Dagger would be hiring a lot of new mercenaries for good money. So Werton gathered some men and formed the Broken Shields Mercenary Corps. Filiare would occasionally pass along a small pouch of gold and a sealed set of instructions for a job to Werton, though Filiare himself never knew exactly what the jobs were. Werton admitted to driving two businesses out of the city, namely Gilda's House of Philters & Fragrance and Reece the Fish Monger. But he apologized profusely for harassing Olaf, who by all accounts seemed a kind and merciful man.

Kelly suggested that perhaps the man who hired Werton and his thugs to strong-arm Olaf was Gulth Djanczo, owner of the Full Cup tavern and the rival who had arranged the day of contests between the two bars. Olaf went to speak with Gulth, while Kelly went to speak with Filiare. Erik and Juliet stayed behind and continued getting information from Werton. Talyth played his lute quietly in the corner, while Shreesha remained motionless in front of the fire.

At the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, Kelly asked Filiare if he could tell her who had been hiring the Broken Shields. He refused, explaining that it would be extremely bad for business if he were to break that kind of confidence. On the other hand, it's impossible to keep track of everyone who comes and goes in a given night, so if Kelly just happened to be there when the man returned with another job, say later that night, Filiare might be able to point him out of the crowd. Kelly thanked him for his help, and offered him a sum of gold for his troubles (which he agreed to take later).

Kelly and Olaf returned to the Hearth together, just in time to see the released Werton fleeing from the Stone Hearth (Erik had freed him on the condition that he get out of Waterdeep and stay out). Olaf was sure that Gulth was not the man they were looking for, and Kelly explained what Filiare had promised to do. Since Olaf was obviously well known by whoever they were looking for, Juliet, Kelly and Erik went instead.

After about an hour of drinking at the Dagger, a man entered and gave Filiare a discreet payment and a small scroll of parchment. He was dressed as a street performer, with red breeches and tunic and small bells on his shoes. Since Juliet was in the jakes Erik followed the man alone, after getting the sign from Filiare. The man walked towards the South Gate of the city, with Erik following behind.

Turning a corner, however, Erik found himself confronted by two thugs. They reached for their weapons but Erik was much too quick for them. He killed one of them before the man's sword even cleared its scabbard, with a thrust through the neck. The other thug ran down the alley, just behind the man Erik was originally following. Erik tripped up the brightly dressed man with his sword (he let the other one go) and began asking him questions. The man, speaking very loudly, seemed to think he was being robbed; he gave Erik a large pouch of gold and told him that was all he had.

Unfortunately, a small patrol of the Watch arrived before the man could tell Erik anything useful. They arrested both of them and escorted them to the South Gate Watchtower. Once there, Erik explained the entire story of what had happened that morning and why he was attacking the other man. Olaf was summoned and came down to corroborate the story- Erik was released and the Watch Sergeant promised Olaf and Erik he would keep them appraised of whatever they learned from the other man. They returned to the Dripping Dagger to get Juliet and Kelly, then they all returned to the Hearth.

Before turning in for the night, Olaf asked Kelly and the others if they would accompany Einor to Neverwinter, to check into his missing shipment of Fire Wine and Mead from the Uthgardt Northmen. Olaf had already arranged passage for five (Einor, Talyth, Kelly, Juliet, and Erik; Tynian would be staying behind, at the University, attempting to convince his parents that they weren't wasting their money by keeping him in Waterdeep) aboard the Lucky Lady; they were set to sail at noon tomorrow. Kelly, Erik and Juliet all agreed to go.

Firecarn, Aproth 14th, Year of the Shield

Early in the morning, Kelly and Erik went to the Tower of Luck to give thanks to Tymora and ask for a safe trip to Neverwinter. They spoke with Calishara a bit, gave offerings to the temple, and helped out with one of the local families. On the way to the docks they met up with Juliet, and then the three of them met Einor at the ship. The crew did not interact with them much, so Einor showed them all to the cabin they would be sharing. Talyth showed up right after this.

Just after noon the ship left the harbor and the journey began. The crew was friendly enough once all was underway, swapping tales with the party and sharing their ale. The day passed quickly and soon it was night, time for more stories and drinking (Kelly even got to steer the ship, while Erik and Juliet drank atop one of the masts). Eventually the party fell into sleep.

Earthcarn, Aproth 15th, Year of the Shield

The party was awoken this morning by the sounding of a bell from the deck- they were being attacked by pirates! Everyone rushed topside to help with whatever they could. Two ships were bearing down on them, one from behind and one from the front. Flaming balls of pitch were catapulted back and forth, and crossbow bolts began to fill the air as the ships all drew nearer. Miraculously one of the pirate ships was sunk by a lucky catapult shot, but even as it was engulfed in flames the second ship drew alongside. Boarders and repellers prepared themselves and the battle was joined.

Chaos reigned as the pirates attempted to board the Lucky Lady, but the party did their best to keep them off. Talyth fell into the water, but Kelly saved him by quickly throwing out a line for him to catch. Einor was also knocked into the water, but Talyth grabbed onto him as well. Erik hacked his way across the boarding planks and onto the pirates' ship, then hacked his way back again. Juliet used her crossbow to pick them off, and Kelly doggedly held her ground to prevent more from coming over. In the end the pirates were defeated, slain almost to the last man, but the Lucky Lady remained free.

The battle had been a bloody one, however. Only three of the Lucky Lady's crew remained alive and wounded. Six pirates also survived. The Lady herself was in bad shape: both masts had been heavily damaged, the sails had been burned, much of the hull had been splintered, and she was taking on water. The second pirate ship was in even worse shape and quickly joined the first beneath the waves.

The party was stuck in the middle of the ocean on a slowly sinking ship...

This was where the game ended briefly, to go on hiatus so we could play the "To Thine Own Self Be True" Sequel

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