The Customer Service for Comcast Internet is just awful. If anyone, anywhere, at any time is considering using Comcast “High Speed” Internet – DO NOT. In my opinion they have the worst customer service imaginable, will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you off the phone or off their backs, and in general couldn’t care less about their customer base.

As mentioned previously, my internet connection has been dropping nearly every single night for two weeks straight. It generally goes completely dead somewhere between 6pm and 10pm, and remains completely offline until sometime in the morning; generally by 9am it’s back up and running. I’ve had the modem swapped out, I’ve had two different technicians (soon to be three) come to check on it, but I’m no closer to having my internet connection reliably restored.

The last time a technician came out was just a few days ago, on Wednesday. He checked all the line signals, told me that he definitely discovered the problem, and that a maintenance technician would correct things ‘at the box’ either Wednesday or Thursday; he also said he would put in the Special Request Order to the maintenance techs from his truck, before even leaving my driveway.

Apparently he was lying right to my face.

The internet connection dropped again late Wednsday night/early Thursday morning, so I called Comcast yet again (literally probably my 20th call since all this started) to see if the work at the box/node had been done. There was no record of it in their system at all. The work order didn’t exist. The technician from Wednesday never passed on any sort of information to any other department about having the line checked. He lied.

Why? I haven’t a clue, but do even a rudimentary Google search for Comcast Internet and their customer service and you’ll find horror stories that put my troubles to shame.

Yesterday, after being up and stable for a few hours, the connection predictably died again, around 6pm. I called Customer Service, explained that I had been lied to by the last technician to come out, they said they can absolutely not put in a Special Request Order for a maintenance technician to check the line at the pole, only the van technicians can do that. FINE. I set up another appointment for Monday morning.

The connection came back up a few hours later, and I was able to actually get on the internet! Such a rare treat!

When I got up this morning, the connection was dead again, and it has remained off the entire day, until just a few minutes ago (about 5:30pm). I called at noon, and explained in no uncertain terms that I would not be waiting until Monday for a technician – they reluctantly gave me an appointment for Saturday morning (tomorrow).

This has gone well beyond the point of being ridiculous, now it’s just surreal, like I’m trapped in some weird high-tech thriller where the local cable company is on a personal vendetta to screw with me at every turn. Comcast delivered excellent speeds for almost two months straight, without a single problem – and then everything just fell apart and I’ve joined the ever-swelling ranks of disgruntled, cast-aside Comcast customers.

DO NOT bother getting your broadband internet connection from Comcast, if you have any other choice at all. Search the web, you’ll find nothing but tales of subpar work, shoddy connections, and dishonesty.

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