Another Comcast technician came out today to see if he could solve my internet problem, namely, pretty much every night my connection goes down in the evening and is completely dead all night, only to rise miraculously in the morning.

Frustrating to say the least – I can’t download anything, can’t make any online plans, can’t really do much at all online (at least after dark) because at any moment, without warning, the connection might just die.

This tech seemed to know what he was talking about (you don’t always get that sense), so I’m hopeful … he said he could see two problems, one that my downstream power level is too low, second that two of my levels were actually reversed (don’t recall which ones exactly). He put in a call for a maintenance technician to come and correct these problems out on the pole, if not today then tomorrow, so I’m crossing my fingers that once this is done the problems will finally be fixed.

At the moment, not only is my connection up and running, the connection speeds are literally twice as fast as I have ever seen them!

Speed Test 2

Hopefully when the maintenance technician fixes my settings the speed won’t get gimped too badly. 🙂

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