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I enjoy all kinds of music, for sure – some of my disparate favorites are “Amy Grant”, “N.W.A.”, “No Doubt” and “Shania Twain”. Nor is the majesty of ‘classical’ music lost on me, or even a good broadway musical now and again (I could watch “Les Miserables” every day).

But the music that really moves me? Really stirs something deep and primal? Really slams me up, down, and sideways and reminds me I’m alive?

Heavy. Fuckin’. Metal.

(Sorry tender-ears; it would just be too un-metal to censor that, I can’t do it).

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So there’s this little doohickey I’ve been messing around with called “Freedom Audio” – it’s a little streaming MP3 player so my happy little visitors have something to listen to as they surf (I currently have it loaded with an AC/DC song trio). Last night I was fiddling around online, as I often do … and the Freedom Audio kicked in to the start of “Hell’s Bells”. I have to say – maybe this is the audio equivalent of “stop and smell the roses”, but the intro to that song is just cool. Regardless of whether you like the entire song, regardless of if you’re an AC/DC fan, those first few guitar twangs and the deep pealing bell, it all sends a shiver down my spine.

Truly one of those elusive “simple pleasures in life” kind of things – 11 seconds or so of just pure escape!

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