Just a REALLY quick note, as I don’t know how long my internet connection will stay live. I’m having a lot of trouble with my modem constantly resetting and being down, so if I seem to not be around much, that’s why. Comcast is sending a tech out on Thursday (wheee, 4 days of no internet!), we’ll see how that goes, cross your fingers.

Comcast flashed the firmware on their modems (at least in my area) Saturday night at midnight – my modem went down and after two hours still hadn’t come back up, so I called customer service to let them know there was a problem then went to bed. When I got up Sunday morning, internet connection was still down, so I called again and set up a service appointment for Tuesday morning.

About an hour later, the modem miraculously returned to life. Being cautious, I didn’t cancel my appointment. I surfed the web, sent some email, played a bunch of online games, then finally after 8 hours of solid connectivity I called and cancelled the service appointment, thinking that my modem had finally overcome it’s flash-induced instability.

An hour later it was dead again. I knew I should have waited until Monday night to cancel the appointment, if at all – I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. But I didn’t listen to that little voice inside. So now I have to wait until Thursday to have the damn thing looked at.

Anyway, there’s my tale of woe. Hopefully Comcast will have good news and a quick fix on Thursday – until then, I’ll try to hop on during those rare, sporadic moments when the connection seems up.

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