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"To Thine Own Self Be True", The Sequel






To Thine Own Self Be True, The Sequel

A Continued Cyberpunk/Voodoo Tale

Adam, Christina, Damon, Michele, and Mook

Our original Cyberpunk/Voodoo game, "To Thine Own Self Be True", ended shortly after one of our players (Adam, who played Derek) left for college. He returned in the summer of 1997, however, and since interest in a sequel seemed high I did what any good GM would do...I gave my players what they wanted!

The game ran from 7/3/97 until 9/11/97, and we met for seven sessions. The storyline began at the exact moment the original game ended, with the party emerging from underground, moments after releasing Kayuni/Gipetto/Eve into the net. (To review how the original game went, click here for the session logs).

From this page you can look at the PCs from the game, review the actual session logs given to the players before each session, or see a map and description of Seattle, where the game took place.

Picture above from GURPS Cyberpunk, copyright 1990 by
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, all rights reserved

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