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"To Thine Own Self Be True", The Sequel






Week One

July 3rd, 1997
Avg. Rating: 4.2

Sunday May 28th, 2043, 0500 hours

After emerging from Ryutech's escape pods, the victorious party found themselves approximately three miles from the building they had just "rescued" Kayuni from, right in front of the Ryutech Meteorological Research Center (in Seattle). Within minutes, however, they were attacked by two helicopters carrying a hit team, presumably sent by Ryutech. Despite the hit team's use of missiles, cyberwear, and heavy ordnance, the party managed to kill them all and take out both choppers. They then split up and quickly made their way to their apartments.

It became clear that ProGov, and NERCC, had already been made aware of the situation with Kayuni. All along the way home the team members witnessed acts of government brutality, mostly in the form of vicious beatings on unarmed individuals. Everyone from the team made it in and out of their apartment without incident, except for Derek.

While on the roof, avoiding a NERCC squad, he shot and killed a man hovering above the building, using some kind of "flying boots". Derek then noticed an unmarked black helicopter resting on a rooftop a few blocks away, roughly in the center of all of the team's apartments. He skillfully dispatched it, left the scene, and met up with the rest of the team.

While they were all together, ProPres Hammond made a nationwide broadcast. He explained that the Satanic Army of Order had purposely unleashed a rogue AI into the net, and that this AI was now attacking ProGov. A state of national martial law had been declared, to continue until this threat to the United States had been dealt with.

Kayuni, now calling itself Shiva, broke into the end of ProPres Hammond's speech and introduced...Kermit, a green frog icon. In reality, Kermit was Derek, addressing all the people watching the broadcast and urging them to rise up against ProGov and take back control of the country. The rioting and looting continued, much of it aimed at ProGov, but quite a lot still just undirected chaos.

The team headed towards the Barrens, to check in with Granny and see if she had any advice. Since all the district borders had been closed, they drove in underground, using the sewers.

Granny's apartment building seemed unharmed, but Diamond Dave's Arcadia across the street was no longer there; there was only a huge crater in the street. Granny was also unharmed, and was pleased to see the group all together and safe.

While the team recuperated and planned their next move, Drake visited the Dream World and attempted to seek guidance from Damballa. She was met by a strong young man with a flute, who explained to her that a leader was needed, and that she was "up to it" should the occasion arise.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party were relaxing. Derek, standing just inside the front door to the building, heard faint "crunching" sounds coming from the adjacent alleyway. As the rest of the team headed outside to join him, Derek peeked around the corner to see where the noises were coming from. What he saw horrified him.

It was a creature, green in color and oozing fluid from a dozen sores across its massive body. At its feet lay the half-eaten corpses of children, terrified looks frozen into their faces. Derek attacked the monstrous beast, as did everyone else when they arrived. The battle was brutal and bloody, but in the end the party triumphed at last. Standing over the creature's body the party could only wonder- Where did it come from, and were there any more?

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