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"To Thine Own Self Be True", The Sequel






Week Four

August 21st, 1997
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Tuesday May 30th, 2043, 2300 hours

While still holed up in the sewers beneath the Barrens, Derek contacted Seattle's local "militia" leader, a large ex-gladiator named Tok, and set up a meeting. Eve was given a needler and left behind with Granny (who was still exhausted) while the rest of the team drove to (what was left of) the Space Needle.

The meeting was short and to the point- given a few hours, Tok could mobilize 3,000 "soldiers" to assist in the assault on NERCC Headquarters, as well as one ex-news chopper. It was agreed that Tok's men would muster in a large warehouse close to the target and await the arrival of Derek, Alex, Bug and Drake before commencing the attack. The two groups broke up to prepare for the battle.

Once back at the sewer (where Granny slept soundly), Shiva scanned the local area for NERCC weapon caches. Only a few were found undisturbed, but they yielded a lot of firepower which could be used- gyroc rifles, grenades, rocket launchers, even two powered battlesuits. Eve was once more left to watch over Granny while the team headed to meet up with Tok and his soldiers.

The warehouse was huge, and filled with thousands of armed men, women, even children. As equipment was distributed and plans gone over, the ground-penetrating rockets Alex had requested from Shiva arrived, delivered by an enormous, muscle-bloated man. This was the "one other" body the team had allowed Shiva to create, and he seemed like a welcome addition to the force (his name was Block). Soon, it was time to go.

Tok's men were spread out around the NERCC complex, surrounding it. Squads of soldiers with rocket launchers were sent out, each targeting a different tower, gate, guardhouse, or wall. Alex went on the chopper- he began the attack by launching one, then another, ground-penetrating rocket at the complex's underground power generator. Both rockets hit, causing huge explosions in the main building and knocking out the generator. Troops began swarming forward as the other rockets took out their targets. The battle had begun.

As the rest of the team hurtled forward right through the remnants of the front gate, Alex destroyed both patrolling NERCC choppers with rockets. The battle raged around them, but Drake, Bug, and Derek pushed their way through the chaos to the detention center, where Fenman's biomonitor signal was coming from.

Inside they met more resistance but made it to the fifth floor, where Fenman's cell was. Alex was scanning the whole building with heat sensors from the chopper, and assured them the way was clear. Once inside, however, they discovered another enemy, one that didn't register on Alex's sensors. It was another In- Betweener, half-man and half-baboon, with large claws and fangs. Derek hit it with a few APEX rounds, but that didn't seem to do much damage. Drake attempted to tangle the creature, which it evaded easily, and then Bug actually closed with it and tried hand-to-hand combat. The In-Betweener was surprised, but retained the upper hand. The creature was winning until Drake hit it dead-center with a tangler round. Before its body even hit the floor Bug was on top of it, driving her claws into its head over, and over, and over...

Drake and Derek got Fenman out of his cell, pulled Bug off the puddle which had once been the In- Betweener's head, and made their way downstairs to the bikes. Amidst the confusion of the battle they easily made their way off the compound, leaving Tok and his men to continue the mayhem. Alex, Bug and Fenman were aboard the chopper, Derek and Drake were driving to pick up Granny and Eve; everyone planned to meet back at Tok's warehouse.

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--Walter Savage Landor