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"To Thine Own Self Be True", The Sequel






Week Three

July 31st, 1997
Avg. Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Monday May 29th, 2043, 0600 hours

With Granny's apartment almost completely destroyed by the previous session's battle, the party "borrowed" a car from one of Granny's neighborhood friends and made their way to a safe spot. Granny and Drake healed Bug's many wounds, though the effort clearly took a heavy toll on Granny. Drake also contacted Angel, one of Lt. Col. Jaffrey's contacts in Washington D.C., and instructed her to find something which used to belong to ProPres Hammond in the wreckage of the capital. Meanwhile, Alex began setting up the laser sensors he had procured for the party's safety (Alex deduced from the many craters within the Barrens that NERCC was using laser-guided smart bombs on certain targets in Redmond).

A short time after, as Granny was resting, there came a knock upon the door. It was a little girl, about 7 years old, who claimed to be looking for Granny. When the team hesitated to let her in, however, the "little girl" sprouted poison claws from one hand and blew the door out of the frame with a laser bolt from the other hand. Though she was taken out fairly quickly, a sniper's shot from outside took down Derek for the rest of the battle. Alex, in turn, killed the sniper with a well-placed fragmentation grenade (though he did have a little problem with a mine as he exited- he disarmed it while standing on it!).

After this, the team packed up again and moved into the sewers, into a chamber that actually looked quite a lot like the one Morgan had been using as his lair. Shiva provided the team with the use of a spy satellite, so they could watch out for any further attacks. While setting up there, Angel called from Washington and promised to send a briefcase handle and manacle which had been worn by ProPres Hammond before his disappearance. A few hours later Eve showed up, bearing those items with her.

Granny, with Drake's assistance, tried to locate Hammond- three times. But each time she failed. Since it was getting late, and the team was exhausted, Eve stood guard through the night so everyone else could get a full night's sleep.

Tuesday May 30th, 2043, 0700 hours

Upon waking, Granny once again attempted to locate Hammond, and once again failed. Derek touched base with approximately 500 militia leaders, all across the country, trying to coordinate their efforts. He also heard from Jaffrey, who informed him that Alaska was prepared to publicly support the revolution and send in 15,000 AlSOF troops, if it looked like the revolution could actually succeed. Just after this Rook once again contacted the team. He told them that his enclave had been contacted by Sgt. Major Andrew Fenman, a high level computer tech for NERCC who expressed an interest in defecting. He told them that he knew the whereabouts of "The Vault", and would pass it on in exchange for his freedom. His location? NERCC HQ in the center of Seattle, of course. Rook asked the team if they would consider extracting him.

Alex did a quick computer check on Fenman, and found that his story checked out (at least all those parts that could be verified). His home had been burned down during the riots, and his wife's credit account had been used to rent a hotel room two hours later (on Sunday, May 28th, 2043). The party began planning Fenman's "rescue" from the heavily fortified NERCC headquarters, acutely aware that the whole thing could easily be a setup.

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