“Race for the Dutchman” Actual Plays

July 27, 2020 Mook 0

Howdy, Folks! Today I uploaded a three-pack of Actual Play videos from a GURPS Old West game I GMed a few months back, based on the “Race for the Dutchman” adventure. They weren’t necessarily intended to be streamed so there’s […]

Site Tweaks

July 18, 2020 Mook 0

Howdy, Folks! Doing some spring cleaning around the site, the domain is now using https: but a few things were tweaked in the change and aren’t working correctly (things like the Downloads and the Combat Examples, to name a couple). […]

Setting Up Foundry VTT For GURPS

July 10, 2020 Mook 13

GURPS grognards and newbies alike, welcome! The past month or so I’ve become super stoked by a new virtual tabletop, Foundry VTT, and am enjoying the first, fledgling efforts of the community to get some (still unofficial, sadly) GURPS support […]