Made a few more site changes and updates for our enjoyment:

  • Updated the Soldier of Fortune 2 Player Stats for those who play on our Laid Back Assassins server, the Kill-a-Rama.
  • Changed the tracks in the site Jukebox; this set is a shout out to the smoking crews.
  • Added a new section called Games and Gadgets – just a few little games and time wasters.
  • The biggest change is that I added a second blog, The Hollow Valley. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while – it’s just too out of place to have posts about my unending depression or my mother dying in the same list as posts about TV shows or troubles with my internet connection. The new blog will be for more personal posts and thoughts; I’m not exactly hiding it, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea either, so I’m not putting it in the main navigation bar that shows up on every site page. It will only be linked from the core ‘Home’ pages, and the forums.

I think that’s everything. You know the drill – please let me know if you notice any errors, have any suggestions or comments, etc. Thanks for hanging out at TheMook.Net. 🙂

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