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Soldier of Fortune 2, and the Laid Back Assassins

Our SoF2 clan, the Laid Back Assassins, has been inactive since 2008. I'm leaving these pages up though, partly out of fond nostalgia, partly because occasionally folks still access some of this content (particularly the SoF2 FAQ and downloadable files).

Welcome to the home page of the Laid Back Assassins, |LBA|, a social clan for the game Soldier of Fortune 2. We are not a scrimmage clan, we get together instead simply to kick back and have a few laughs. The server we run, the Kill-a-Rama, is open to all players regardless of skill level - all we ask is that you come to have fun, and "don't harsh the mellow".

Our server can be found at IP:

For easy-to-follow instructions of "Everything You Need To Play On Our Server", please read this forum post.

The following links may also be useful:

  • Player Stats
    Player stats (via SoF2Logger) from the Kill-a-Rama server (updated on Monday mornings).
  • Server Status
    Who's currently on both our Soldier of Fortune 2 game server and our TeamSpeak server.
  • Server Rules
    Server rules for players on the Kill-a-Rama server.
  • Map Cycle
    Current map cycle in use on the Kill-a-Rama game server, with links for downloading any custom maps you might need.
  • Clan Roster
    Current roster of all active Laid Back Assassins.

  • SoF2 FAQ
    A list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) about the game 'Soldier of Fortune 2'.
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