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Current Map Cycle

Each map is set to end after 15 minutes or 50 kills.
Download individual maps below, or all 11 current maps in a single file (30mb):

  • Airport Warehouse (DM)
    indentermp_air1.pk3 [standard map]
  • Raven Office (DM)
    indentermp_raven.pk3 [standard map]
  • Aztec (CTF)
    indentermp_aztec.pk3 [download]
  • Jordan Market Siege (DM)
    indentermp_jor1.pk3 [standard map]
  • Brutus Battle Maze (DM)
    indentermazes.pk3 [download]
  • Brutus Battle House (DM)
    indenterhouse.pk3 [download]
  • Hong Kong Streets (DM)
    indentermp_hk2.pk3 [standard map]
  • TB Falcon (DM)
    indentertb_falcon.pk3 [download]
  • TW Honeymoon's Over (DM)
    indentertw_honeymoons_over.pk3 [download]
  • TB Falcon 2 (DM)
    indentertb_falcon2.pk3 [download]
  • Lost World (20stp) (DM)
    indenter20stp_lost_world_3.pk3 [download]
  • Swimmin' Pool (DM)
    indenterswimminpool.pk3 [download]
  • Dust 2 (DEM)
    indentermp_dust2.pk3 [download]
  • Condom (DM)
    indenterdm_condom.pk3 [download]
  • Valley of Death (20stp) (DM)
    indenter20stp_valley_of_death.pk3 [download]

Other Maps

These maps are not in our current map cycle, but still get played occasionally.
Download individual maps below, or get all 16 in a single file (48mb):

This scheme of combustion to get power makes me sick to think of - it is so wasteful. It is just the old, foolish Prometheus idea, and the father of Prometheus was a baboon. We should utilize natural forces and thus get all of our power. Sunshine is a form of energy, and the winds and the tides are manifestations of energy. Do we use them? Oh, no! We burn up wood and coal, as renters burn up the front fence for fuel. We live like squatters, not as if we owned the property.
-- Thomas Edison