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The sole purpose of the Kill-a-Rama's existence is for people to have FUN. It's a place to get away from the hassles of Real Life for a couple hours, and to run around like madmen (and women!) shooting it out with some online buds. Everyone is welcome, so long as they understand and practice this. Don't worry, we in LBA are not a bunch of egomaniacal freaks on a power trip, we don't go around messing with people just because we can. On the other hand, there are certain things that really irk us (and certain things that don't), and it's only fair that you know what those things are. So, while you are a guest on our server:


  • CHEATING: Well duh - if you're really such a dolt that you have to stoop to cheating at an online game, there's not much we can do to help you. Put down the keyboard and go find yourself a good therapist. In the meantime, don't play on The Kill-a-Rama. If we Spectate you (either because we receive complaints from other players, or because your score looks suspicious) and don't like what we see, you're gone. There is no appeals process, and no trial - if it looks like cheating to us, you get the boot. Sorry if this seems unfair and subjective - it is. It's also the only way I know of to keep cheaters off our server.

  • IMPERSONATING LBA: I used to think this was common sense, but apparently I was wrong - IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE LBA CLAN, DO NOT WEAR AN LBA TAG. Even worse, DO NOT PRETEND TO BE AN EXISTING LBA MEMBER. Doing either one of these things will get you banned, quickly.

  • INCORRECT RATE: There is a setting in Soldier of Fortune 2 related to your computer's connection speed; it is under Options -> Network Settings -> Rate. The available options for Rate are Modem 33.6K, Modem 56K, Single ISDN, Dual ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1, and LAN - it is important that you set this correctly, otherwise you may be causing problems for other players. We can check the Rate of any player on the server, and if we notice that your Rate is set incorrectly we will ask you to change it. If you do not, we will ask you to leave until your Rate is corrected (and if you don't leave voluntarily, then we will Kick you). It's a simple thing to do, it will smoothen out your gameplay, and it will help prevent lag issues for everyone else. Note: This is no longer as big an issue as it used to be, because the RocMod we use thankfully added a way to keep Rates below a certain threshold from joining the server.

  • EXCESSIVE WHINING: Nobody likes getting killed, and there's no doubt we've all taken a hit and thought to ourselves "There is no WAY that dude just hit me!" If you honestly, truly, legitimately think someone may be cheating, by all means let us know - if we're currently playing and have the time, we will Spectate them; if not, drop an email to Scaramanga with the person's name and we'll keep an eye out for them. This is very much encouraged, and won't irritate us at all! What will irritate us is EXCESSIVE WHINING, bitching after every shot and accusing every player above you on the scoreboard. This will be a shock to some of you, but it is possible some players are just better than you, and better than us. We've watched some players who we know for a fact were not cheating, and it was like watching Chow Yun Fat in a John Woo movie. No matter how good we think we are, there will always be someone, somewhere who's better.

  • BEING AN ASS: This covers pretty much everything else. As noted, The Kill-a-Rama was created to be a fun place, so if you're making the game less fun for the other players, you've gotta go. Be nice to folks and they'll usually be nice to you. Trash talking is fine (hell, it's encouraged), so long as it's good-natured and fun. "Bastard, you got me again!" is fine, "Fuck you nigger/bitch/faggot" is most assuredly NOT. It's all about attitude.

  • The MM1 AND RPG7: Okay look, it is true these two weapons are uber-powerful compared to the rest - but so what? They're fun to use, part of the game, and we have no plans to remove them. Do you play chess without the Queen because she's too powerful? There are ways to effectively combat these weapons (mostly practice, practice, practice).

  • CAMPING / SNIPING: Again, these are just part of the game. The military term for 'camping bitch' is 'entrenched sniper'. If you've found yourself a little hidey-hole and a good weapon, feel free to plant yourself there until somebody can un-plant you. You have our blessing.

  • TYPEKILLING: Most of us like chatting with folks as the game goes on, and so occasionally we get shot while just standing there because we're typing. So what! If you don't want to get killed while you're typing, then don't type. It's your choice to take a few seconds out of the game to chat, just like it's any other players' choice to blow your head off or not if you're just standing there picking your nose.
Drop by to play anytime, The Kill-a-Rama is a dedicated, 24/7 server. Enjoy!!

-- Scaramanga

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