Okay, it’s been just about a week without any downtime at all – I’m ready to say, tentatively, that my internet problems are finally over.

As it was before all the trouble started, the connection is once again rock solid and fast as hell. I’ve never had any complaints at all about the speed and stability of Comcast when it’s working, so I’m glad to see it has returned to full functionality.

These are the kinds of downtimes I was dealing with:

Connection Log

I don’t judge a company by whether it gives me a perfect product – I’m realist enough to know that perfection just isn’t possible, especially when dealing with computers and the internet. I judge a company by how it responds to the problems when they inevitably arise, and Comcast failed that test, big time. Their customer service reps frequently sounded clueless, and would often just tell me nonsense to get me off the phone; their service technicians were a little better, but still went over the same things time and again, even when I explained that a previous service tech had ruled those things out as part of the problem.

The very first technician to come out to my house and test all the lines and signals knew it was a problem “at the pole”, with the Comcast node; so did the second; and the third; and the fourth. But it took all four of them requesting work on the line, one after another, and my neighbor complaining simultaneously with me (his television service was having similar disconnects), for them to finally get a crew out here and take care of the problem.

The simple fact is – it shouldn’t have taken that long.

At any rate, my service is back up and running now, and they did credit my account for 2.5 weeks of downtime (at least, they said they did, I haven’t received the next bill yet, and the customer service rep I talked to didn’t seem to be aware of different prices and speed tiers; she was trying to refund me a rate according to the lowest price tier, when in fact I pay at the highest). Hopefully this isn’t just a temporary lull in the no-connection storm, and my service is truly back to normal!

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