(Prior to the post, here is a shameless plug for a real server host!)

As ridiculously incompetent as “DRG Servers” is, I probably would have succumbed to my chronic lethargy and never got around to filing a complaint with the BBBOnline – except that I’m so angry and frustrated (and concerned) about my father right now that I felt the need to channel some aggression. So for those following along at home, below is the Better Business Bureau complaint filed against them, seeking the refund of our $25.00:

Company Information
[contact info snipped]

Complaint Information
Complaint Type: General Complaint
Date Received: 5/22/2006
Primary Complaint Classification: Service Issues
Secondary Complaint Classification: Refund Practices

On May 9, 2006 I ordered a game server from ‘www.us.drgservers.com’ – this included payment of $25.00 (through ‘PayPal’), and was supposed to include access to a game server, a voice comm server, an FTP site, and a web control panel for all of the above.

Though I was told within hours of placing my order that the voice server would be up and running ‘right off the bat’, that never materialized.

On May 11, 2006 I received what was supposed to be all necessary information regarding the above items – however, when I attempted to actually use that information, I discovered that not a single part of our package was functioning correctly – there was no game server, no accessible voice comm server, and no viable login for either the FTP site or the web control panel.

At this point began a long email exchange with an otherwise unnamed support contact, ‘drgserve@drgservers.com’. At no time were my issues resolved, despite numerous requests; customer service was zero. The emails I received from “customer support” were sloppily written and showed a profound lack of understanding of what our many problems even were, never mind actually rectifying them.

Simply put, the worst customer service I have ever encountered in over a decade of dealing with online businesses.

Desired Settlement: Refund

Desired Settlement Explanation :
The details are simple – I paid $25.00 for services that were never rendered in any way, shape or form. At no time did I ever have access to the servers and services I had paid for, and my requests for a refund have so far (1 week) been entirely ignored.

Customer Service Rep: Mr.drgserve@ drgservers.com,
Product or Service: Game server rental
Account Number: xxxxxx
Salesperson: .drgserve@drgservers.com
Payment Made: Yes
Purchase Price: 25
Disputed Amount: 25
Payment Method: Credit
Purchase Date: 5/9/2006
Problem Date: 5/11/2006
Complaint Dates: 5/11/2006,5/12/2006,5/15/2006

Again, as a warning to all gamers in the world, I strongly advise you – do NOT rent a server from “DRG Servers”. Their customer service is non-existent, their email exchanges look to be the work of middle-schoolers, and they will NOT honor the “money back guarantee” displayed so prominently on their home page.

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