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Okay, it’s been just about a week without any downtime at all – I’m ready to say, tentatively, that my internet problems are finally over.

As it was before all the trouble started, the connection is once again rock solid and fast as hell. I’ve never had any complaints at all about the speed and stability of Comcast when it’s working, so I’m glad to see it has returned to full functionality.

These are the kinds of downtimes I was dealing with:

Connection Log

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The Customer Service for Comcast Internet is just awful. If anyone, anywhere, at any time is considering using Comcast “High Speed” Internet – DO NOT. In my opinion they have the worst customer service imaginable, will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you off the phone or off their backs, and in general couldn’t care less about their customer base.

As mentioned previously, my internet connection has been dropping nearly every single night for two weeks straight. It generally goes completely dead somewhere between 6pm and 10pm, and remains completely offline until sometime in the morning; generally by 9am it’s back up and running. I’ve had the modem swapped out, I’ve had two different technicians (soon to be three) come to check on it, but I’m no closer to having my internet connection reliably restored.

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Fingers Crossed

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Another Comcast technician came out today to see if he could solve my internet problem, namely, pretty much every night my connection goes down in the evening and is completely dead all night, only to rise miraculously in the morning.

Frustrating to say the least – I can’t download anything, can’t make any online plans, can’t really do much at all online (at least after dark) because at any moment, without warning, the connection might just die.

This tech seemed to know what he was talking about (you don’t always get that sense), so I’m hopeful … he said he could see two problems, one that my downstream power level is too low, second that two of my levels were actually reversed (don’t recall which ones exactly). He put in a call for a maintenance technician to come and correct these problems out on the pole, if not today then tomorrow, so I’m crossing my fingers that once this is done the problems will finally be fixed.

At the moment, not only is my connection up and running, the connection speeds are literally twice as fast as I have ever seen them!

Speed Test 2

Hopefully when the maintenance technician fixes my settings the speed won’t get gimped too badly. 🙂

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I honestly don’t know what to make of this.

I’ve been having a lot of problems lately with my internet connection, high-speed cable from Comcast. Since installation two months ago everything has been rock solid, with great speeds:

Speed Test

Then last Saturday at exactly midnight, the connection went dead. I mean completely dead, no way to even access the modem Event Logs or anything … like the connection from outside the house just went kaput. Was off all night, then back up the next day, then back off the next night, etc.

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Just a REALLY quick note, as I don’t know how long my internet connection will stay live. I’m having a lot of trouble with my modem constantly resetting and being down, so if I seem to not be around much, that’s why. Comcast is sending a tech out on Thursday (wheee, 4 days of no internet!), we’ll see how that goes, cross your fingers.

Comcast flashed the firmware on their modems (at least in my area) Saturday night at midnight – my modem went down and after two hours still hadn’t come back up, so I called customer service to let them know there was a problem then went to bed. When I got up Sunday morning, internet connection was still down, so I called again and set up a service appointment for Tuesday morning.

About an hour later, the modem miraculously returned to life. Being cautious, I didn’t cancel my appointment. I surfed the web, sent some email, played a bunch of online games, then finally after 8 hours of solid connectivity I called and cancelled the service appointment, thinking that my modem had finally overcome it’s flash-induced instability.

An hour later it was dead again. I knew I should have waited until Monday night to cancel the appointment, if at all – I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. But I didn’t listen to that little voice inside. So now I have to wait until Thursday to have the damn thing looked at.

Anyway, there’s my tale of woe. Hopefully Comcast will have good news and a quick fix on Thursday – until then, I’ll try to hop on during those rare, sporadic moments when the connection seems up.

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