A lot of folks have been curious about my new room here in L.A. so I’m posting some pics. It is perfectly cozy and sufficient for my needs, especially since I’m only in it while sleeping or on the computer. A bed and my PC are pretty much all I need, the rest of the time I’m in the house with the rest of the family.

Here’s a shot from the doorway looking in – computer and bed, with the closet on the left and a bookshelf to the right:

From Doorway

And here’s a shot taken from the bed, showing the bookshelf – chess books and computer chess game, theology books, and of course the GURPS 4th Edition line (including Low-Tech, which just arrived yesterday, woo!):

From Bed

This is the closet/cupboard and other bookshelf – a few books on writing, my shelf of “Books To Read”, and the games I brought with me for amusement (Talisman, Hero Quest, Munchkin, Once Upon a Time, Knightmare Chess, Zombie Dice, and many others):


Finally, here’s my closet – yep, those are all the clothes I own in the world, excepting a few pieces of cold weather gear I left in Tucson for when I return to New England:

Closet Open

Modest but extremely comfortable! I affectionately refer to it as my Cave, Nest, or sometimes Cell (in the “monk’s room” sense, not the “incarcerated” sense). A perfect little niche for me in the world.