Regarding my internet connection – today has been pretty good, it was down most of the morning, but it’s been up and steady since about 11am. Still keeping my fingers crossed!

This post is mainly for my family and friends though, mostly back East, who keep asking ‘What do you want for Christmas and/or your birthday?’, and I usually just say ‘Uh … I don’t know.” Not very helpful I know, so I set up a little Amazon wish list to give you some ideas:

Christmas-Birthday 2007 Wish List

Frankly good ol’ cash in a card is nice too, owing to my “cash flow problems”, but I know a lot of folks find that tacky for whatever reason, hence the list.

Nothing other than a ‘Merry Christmas’ is fine too, considering I’m not really in a position to reciprocate any holiday gift giving (and as for birthdays, I’m usually awful at remembering them – if mine weren’t on Christmas, I’d probably forget it too).

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