Greetings all and sundry, my cyberfriends (and enemies) and well-wishers, those who make their home amongst TheMook.Net pixels and bytes, and those who are just passing through in a blink – Hello.

As some of you noticed, if my overflowing email Inbox is any indication, I was offline against my will for about 3 weeks there, as that miraculous little cable that spews data to my home was shut off by The Man, trying to Keep Me Down.

Hopefully I will be much more ‘talkative’ (typative?) in the near future, but for the moment I don’t have time to really post much – but the cable was just turned back on, so I wanted to give a speedy shout out to mah peeps to let them all know I’m alive again.

Three weeks can be a long time with A) no job, and B) no money, and C) no cable. When the cable is shut off, it’s a big deal to me – that is no television, no on-demand movies, no web surfing, no message boards, no instant messenger, no online games, no email, no NOTHING. It takes a certain level of suckitude to register in my already-bleak life, but having no cable is like a little death (and not in the good, French way), somewhat because it robs me of a lot of my fun time shenanigans, but mostly because it cuts me off from the majority of my friends who are “online only”. I see them, chat with them, spend time with them more than most of my meat friends (mmm, meat), but I’ve never talked to them over the phone. So, the three weeks were not what one would call pleasant.

On the other hand – I did get quite a bit of reading done, worked on some gaming stuff which stirred ancient passions in my rusty old soul, wrote a tiny bit, prayed in a lot of different ways, put some thought into how to salvage a tail spin existence, went on a job interview, and finally got the cable turned back on.

Thoughts were thunk. Words were set to paper. Perhaps I will share some soon, drag them even, kicking and screaming into the light of the campfire. Give my fingers something to do.

In the meantime, I have many spammer accounts to deactivate, emails to answer, PMs to reply to, all sorts of little details to be caught up on and fussed with. Things should be back to what passes for normal around here lickety split.

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