So I got fired last week.

It kind of took me by surprise, as I’ve never been fired from a job before – I don’t recommend it to anyone, it sucks and makes you feel stupid. Three years ago, when I was moving back here to Massachusetts from Georgia, this company I was sacked from was kind enough to offer (it was their idea, not mine) to let me work from home…so in total I was with them for about 5 years. Overall, they were fantastic to me.

Unfortunately, for the past few months I’ve been in Heavy Funk Mode (as separate from my Chronic Funk Mode). I knew it was affecting my work, but I was hoping I was keeping it together and that things would eventually turn around.


Long story short, the office eventually just lost confidence in the fact that I was able (or willing) to do my job, so they cut me loose, and who knows, maybe rightly so. Regardless of the circumstances, I find myself suddenly out of work. Kaput. No visible means of support. Up the Fecal River sans paddle.

Please don’t mistake my lightheartedness for genuine lack of concern – on the contrary, despite the slight mental glow from days without decent sleep and hours of mind numbing activities, I’m worried. Very worried.

Extremely worried.

But so far a strict regimen of denial and refusal to deal with reality has allowed me to survive without having an Uber Freakout Fest. Not really sure how long this bubble of comfortable numbness will last – but until then my appearances around the forums, the SoF2 game server, email etc. may be even more sporadic than usual as I try to slowly process what’s going on, and what comes next. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and let you know what’s been going on with me.

Who knows, I may even put some much-needed work into the site – seems like my days suddenly freed up a bit.

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