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Roleplaying Games (RPGs)

  • Game Geekery
    My gaming blog -- musings on GURPS, the RPG hobby, and assorted Geekery. Also home to a page for my book, "How to Be a GURPS GM."
  • GURPS Combat Examples
    A number of complete combat examples of the GURPS 4th edition rules in action - a great tool for learning how GURPS works in actual play.

  • My Campaigns
    Complete information, including characters and week-by-week summaries, of four of my past campaigns, all run under the GURPS 3rd edition rules.
  • My One-Shots
    Information, including characters and GM materials, of games I've run at conventions or as one-shots.
  • GURPS Downloads
    Downloadable sheets for use with GURPS 4th edition: fillable Character sheet, NPC sheet, Time Use sheet; "cheat sheets" for Hit Locations and Maneuvers; spreadsheet list of all current GURPS templates; and more.

Odds n Ends

  • GURPS Combat Spreadsheet
    A spreadsheet (Excel) I created to help GMs and players new to GURPS 4th edition get a feel for how combat flows from one step to the next.
  • What is Roleplaying?
    For those not familiar with Roleplaying Games, this page attempts to answer the question "What is Roleplaying?".
  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming is a way to generate a character type and setting for quick, "on-the-fly" gaming.
  • Tarot Roulette
    A chart for allowing your players random bonuses or penalties based on the card they draw from an ordinary Tarot deck.

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