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At one point, my sister and I often found ourselves hanging out for an hour or two and wanting to do some gaming, but not really having a way to quickly come up with a one-shot game. So we sat down and came up with the following two lists, each 36 items long.

To use these lists simply roll 7d6 once to choose the character type, then roll 7d6 again to choose the game setting. Once you have the character and the setting just jump right in and play.

This can be a fun way to spend some time roleplaying without needing a lot of players, a lot of time, or a lot of supplies. It's also good exercise for your "normal" roleplaying, since the GM has to come up with the plots and NPCs as the game progresses, and the player gets good exercise playing a wide variety of character types.

You might get some strange combinations using this method, but just use your imagination. A "ninja" who is "underground" can be in feudal Japan, seeking an enemy in a cave complex, or he can be a Dwarven royal assassin, sent ahead of an invading army to eliminate the enemy clan's king. Just go wild and have a blast. Really! There's no way to play a roleplaying game wrong - as long as you're having fun, you're doing it right.

Obviously these lists can easily be modified to be larger or smaller, or to include more of your own favorite genres/character types. Go nuts!

Characters, 7d6

7) Bounty Hunter 19) Cyborg 31) Pirate
8) Secret Agent 20) Rescue Worker 32) Hacker
9) Judge (Dredd) 21) Scientist 33) Vampire
10) Werewolf 22) Detective 34) TV Show
11) Escaped Prisoner 23) Martial Artist 35) Gladiator
12) Warrior 24) Space Marine 36) Djinn
13) Wizard 25) Shape Changer 37) Hit Man
14) Mini-size (6") 26) Cartoon 38) Animal
15) Superhero 27) Psionicist 39) Soldier
16) X-Files Agent 28) Child 40) Insect
17) Cop 29) Angel/Demon 41) "Highlander"
18) Ship Captain 30) Samurai/Ninja 42) Thief

Settings, 7d6

7) Vampire World 19) Submarine 31) Air
8) Arthurian 20) Space 32) Mountain
9) Superhero 21) Insect World 33) Moon
10) Star Trek 22) Cartoon 34) Horror
11) Star Wars 23) TV Show 35) Prison
12) Star Gate 24) Underground 36) War
13) Vietnam 25) Volcano 37) Orient
14) Prehistory 26) Jungle 38) Government
15) Underwater 27) Urban Sprawl 39) Africa
16) Mini-size (6") 28) Dream World 40) Train
17) Time Travel 29) Arctic 41) Plane
18) Island 30) Desert 42) Fantasy

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