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GM Materials

Game Prep Material

Above are the materials I brought with me to the convention to run the game, including:

  • My Game Notes
    I didn't actually type these notes until the week after the convention. The only game notes I used at the con were a few loose pages from a small yellow legal pad. Very, very unusual for me, but I simply didn't leave myself enough time to prepare. Both games went smoothly though, and everyone had a good time (myself included).
  • Common Races of Cynosure
    Three panels of pictures showing the 50 most common races in Cynosure.
  • Pre-Gens, Packets
    The complete packets for the eight pre-generated characters.
  • Pre-Gens, Stand Pics
    Pictures of the pre-gens used for the sign stands.
  • Pre-Gens, Figure Pics
    Pictures of the pre-gens used to create the trifold paper minis. The above is the original Word .docx document -- for some reason converting it to PDF leaves a shadow around the pictures.
  • GM Control Sheet
    A four page summary of all eight Player Characters (from GCA).
  • I also gave out "goody bags" to every player, each containing 2-3 original GrimJack comics and a Munchkin bookmark, and a printed and bound copy of GURPS Lite Fourth Edition.
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